Monday, March 6, 2017

So many things so little time

I have not been writing for the past 2 weeks and I 'owe' a lot of things to write as I have been busy with things that usually I will write about. I just finished with Haikyuu! Season 2, I just went back over the weekend to attend my friend's wedding in Jakarta (I definitely enjoyed the Pempek and Siomay!), I watched Shigatsu Kimi no Uso and Death Note: Light Up the New World on the plane, and of course I have a lot of rants from work.

Those are not all. Since it is already past 10pm and I have to work tomorrow (sianz!), I shall just write the shorter things first. I will be flying home again in 2 weeks time to celebrate my grandma's 100th birthday. Someone suggested red dress code which is my disliked colour. Having no red outfit, I decided to find red casual jacket as opposed to red shirt. That's how I ended up shopping from lazada for the first time.

Although the price is crazy cheap (plus free shipping or add about $3 for faster shipping), size is really an issue. The jacket I bought was advertised as international size L and it turned out way too small. I realised a lot of items are advertised as Asian size vs International size so I guess the one I really got should be an Asian size L. I lodged a return claim and I was refunded in full. Lazada allowed me to keep the item which is kinda useless so I gave it to a friend. I bought another one from a different shop and with different images but it turns out to be exactly the same jacket as what I got earlier!! Gosh.. Thank goodness I decided to bite the bullet and ordered XXL instead of XL. The XXL was just nice.

Honestly, the experience was not too bad. I mean where else you can get a casual jacket for <$20 lol. To add $3 for express shipping (i.e 1 week delivery) is reasonable too. The design/style is pretty decent although quality is according to the price with many loose threads here and there. However, the issue is the size. Even for those listings with sizes, there is a disclaimer that actual size may vary like 3cm from what is stated in the chart. Crazy! 3cm makes a huge different and there is a chance of getting a size bigger or a size smaller. Don't think I will ever buy clothings online again unless I am desperate enough like this.

Still related to my trip to Pontianak, my sister suggested to stay in hotel. She checked the price on Agoda but usually I use Expedia. The price at Agoda turned out to be $10 cheaper. It is significant considering the total cost was only $78. That is an additional website to consult when I am going overseas which means I have to be extra careful to prevent double purchase again.

I bought idols photobooks from and this experience taught me to use proxy next time. I paid almost $70 for shipping via vPost. Sigh.. Amazon sort of screwed me since they sent the books as 2 separate shipments and one of the boxes has too much air. vPost charges by volumetric weight or actual weight whichevery is greater and that big box of air cost me extra 2kg. Sigh.. Even with 2kg less, I think using Goody Japan proxy which charges extra 700 JPY per item will still be slightly cheaper. I am really pissed since the vPost cost even more than those 4 books.

That's all for now since the other things deserve a separate post for each of them.

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