Thursday, February 9, 2017

Eff you all!

It has not even been 15 freaking days from CNY and shitty luck still continues. The first thing is about the photos that I printed online. They arrived more quickly than expected but the quality was shitty. The paper material is not even a photo paper. Sigh..

I am doing closing shift this week. On Tuesday, I had meeting in the morning and I also had annual health screening. I had to wake up at 5am so that I could finish my health screening quickly and then not be late for meeting at Clementi. The previous day was so busy that I had no time to take my blood pressure. I reached at about 7am and the BP stations were not ready yet. Obviously the staff were all upstairs for health screening too. I was not allowed to have my blood drawn unless I had my BP readings. I understand that the people doing the screening were just doing their job but I could help but being an asshole to them. I already told them that BP stations were not open yet and they still did not let me do my blood withdrawal first.

And because of that slight delay, I ended up with a fucked up taxi driver. Not only he was vulgar, he was also the typical self-entitled citizens who thought that the country and government owed him a living. I really hate this kind of people. Complain so much about not having money and why everything is so expensive bla bla bla. If everything must be as cheap as what you want, then what do you think the other people will have money? Jeez.. Anyway what made me really angry was he double charged me. Fucker.. The credit card transaction was approved but because the receipt was not printed, he said it was not approved. He asked me to pay cash and contact the company for receipt bla bla bla. I checked my credit card today and really that transaction went through. ComfortDelGro automated reply says reply will be within 3 working days so tomorrow I will call them and be an asshole again. After all this is about money.

I am glad that I was not tempted to buy photo albums online as I found albums with nicer covers and comparable price at Popular. There was buy 1 for 1 promotion as well but it was not mentioned anywhere. I only realised it at home when I scanned the receipt for CapitaStar. The cashier also did not ask me anything when doing the scanning though I bought an odd quantity. Perhaps he also never saw it on his till. I emailed them and luckily they allowed me to take 1 more album hehe.. 

KFC released new menu Chizza yesterday. As the name suggests, it is supposed to be a pizza but the dough is replaced with chicken. The picture looks yummy but sadly promo picture is always different from actual product. Haha.. I bought ala carte for $5.10 and I think it is overhyped. I don't know if I am not impressed because I had it as a take-away and the chicken was already somewhat cold by the time I reach home.

Today is another bad day because of 2 fucktards. Another self-entitled old man never asked plaster yesterday but expected that doctor would always give at each visit. For goodness sake, it is his own problem and he was damn bloody rude to ask me to call the doctor. Seriously, if this is my own company, I would just get you to fuck off. In the evening, I already did not feel like having dinner but I decided to accompany my friend. I accidentally dropped the beeper and the person was like a fuck face. I already said sorry so what else he wanted sia. If your stall is prepared to use beeper, then be prepared for patrons to accidentally drop it or lose it. My friend went to collect the food when it was ready and he was scolded by a different staff. I think perhaps they also spit on our food or something. It is one of the western stalls at Holland Village food center. Just find the one that looks brighter, more crowded, and fuck faces manning the stall.

Oh well, whatever it is, to these people who had made my life sucky for this week, I wish you all the worst. Go fuck yourself, go die, or go bankrupt.

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