Sunday, January 29, 2017

Welcoming the Fire Rooster

I am not usually a fan of Chinese New Year and I am even less excited for this year since Rooster is the 'ciong' sign of my Rabbit zodiac which means things will not be very good for me this year. So the year started with me falling sick after my MMR vaccination on Wednesday. It seems that the 3-5 days delayed vaccine-related side effects really came as suddenly I just had diarrhea, headache, and flu. Because of that, I declined my aunt's invitation for CNY eve BBQ on Friday evening. I was pretty sure I would be worse with the heat and all that. Not to mention that I did not have proper meal as everywhere was so crowded. Even the queues for fast foods were crazy.

The first day of CNY was quite eventful for me. At last minute, I had a friend who was here for his family gathering. The Gundams for January shipment just nice only arrived on Wednesday so I passed him a few to bring back for my friend's shop. It was my first time to visit East Point at Simei. Only the fast food restaurants were open and I had lunch at Long John's Silver while waiting for my friend. We chatted for a while since he had to continue to another family gathering. It has been 15 years since we met but yet it was nice to catch up like the old days.

This year I will be 30 years old and I can't help but feel old. Age and time are cruel. Those "All the best for your studies" in the past are now "May you find a girlfriend" and my parents think that I should go back for CNY although it is short holiday when in the past, they made no issue of me not going back for short holiday. Receiving angpaos from cousins at this age feels rather embarrassing too. Sigh.. I am still thick skinned for those form parents and uncles aunties though. Hehe.. At the church today, the family seated in front of me was inspiring and makes me think that it must be nice to have a family too. Yet, at the same time, I feel so tired of my life or thinking of the future. Suddenly I have the idea if I should be thinking a religious life. There is no need to think of money or to plan my own life and just follow God's calling and plan.

After about one month, I am glad that my 2017 resolution for exercising is still going on track. I went for 19x already so each visit to the gym costs me about $15. I have not seen any improvement yet and I only keep going by reminding myself that it is still better than doing zero physical activity at all. I still have a desire to be involved in volunteering activity but the chance has not come yet. Sigh.. I am hoping for a day when a friend randomly just ask me.

1 more day to slack yesterday before life is back to normal. Just remember that for this Fire Rooster what I need to do is to KEEP MY MOUTH SHUT as it is predicted that I will have a lot of conflicts with people. Haha..

And this completely random but before writing this, I just followed Australia Open final live feed. I had been seeing Federer vs Nadal things since yesterday so I was surprised that the final was only today. I am rooting for Federer so I am glad that he won :) Another history made with his 18 Grand Slams.

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