Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Shop and eat

My holiday is official over and this is my last post before going back to work tomorrow. Sigh.. When I came back on Monday, I was considering to cancel and save my leave. Well, laziness got the better of me. I decided to just use my leave and be a local tourist for the past 2 days.

Recap to Monday first regarding my return flight. There was a friend who was at the same flight. I saw him during boarding but I did not call across the aisle as I was not sure if it was the correct person. I only texted him when we landed. He actually saw me at immigration but was also not sure if it was me. Lol. We caught up a bit at the luggage belt and hmm.. it was actually quite good meeting someone unexpectedly.

SQ quality is getting worse. The stewardess asked me if I wanted lunch. WTF! My preferred lunch also ran out. I was sitting near the galley and yet was not served early. Damn. I watched Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your Lie in April) and I did not finish it! Damn it! I should have watch it instead of Civil War on my flight to Jakarta earlier. I tried to find it online to finish it to no avail. Sianz.. Spoilers mention that the ending is quite sad so I suppose the good thing of not finishing it would be I need not to hide my tears in the plane. Haha..

On Tuesday, I went to Canon service center to get my camera checked. I am not sure if the problem is with the camera or with the battery. The camera will show full battery but after few shots, it rapidly dropped to 2 and then 1 bar. But after restarting, it shows full battery again. The investigation was pretty fast as I already got an update today. They assured me that the battery is dirty at the point of contact with the camera. They cleaned the surface and everything should be okay. They better be right that nothing is wrong with the camera. It is only 3 years old and is only used 1-2x a year. There is no reason for it to get spoilt that fast.

2017 is not very friendly for my wallet. Right from the first day of arrival, I already spent close to $500 for my March and April flight tickets o_0 I also bought Sailor Moon proplica from Premium Bandai ($125) although I was already aiming for it since December but decided to buy it only in January to meet my monthly spending. The item is called Tuxedo Mirage Memorial Ornament. It has music box, lights, and Prince Endymion and Princess Serenity figures standing on top of it. Thank goodness the preorder was still open. When I saw it for the first time, I was tempted to buy 2. Unlike the previous Proplica that can only play certain voices, this is much better with more features. But after realising how full my room is.. never mind.

I also paid for the balance of Squall Final Fantasy Dissidia Play Arts Kai. In total, he cost me $187.20. It is quite scary that as compared to the one released in 2011, he is almost 3x more expensive. That much just for slightly bigger size and a grouchier face. Damn.. But then, he is Squall so I can't resist :(

My mum wanted to buy something from eBay and the side effect is I ended up spending. Sigh.. I shopped from Amazon. I was planning to get Proplica Cosmic Heart Compact which I did not see in any local shop, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child book, and Fantastic Beasts screenplay book. The total did not quality for Amazon free shipping. Today I decided to add Fantastic Beasts movie books.

Books are relatively easy to store so it did not take much hesitation despite my lack of space. But here comes my next headache: figures related to Aladdin 25th anniversary. Shit man! Aladdin was released in 1992 and 25th anniversary should be in 2017. Why did they start producing things since 2016? Gosh.. There is Prince Ali (Disney Couture de Force). Disney is all about princesses so it is very rare to see Aladdin. I also came across another Bugs Bunny figurine (Jim Shore) in his signature post, lying on his back and biting his carrot. These 2 should be relatively 'small' to store. My biggest problem is Aladdin and Jasmine on Magic Carpet by Britto. I usually dislike Britto style but I am just a sucker for Aladdin stuff. This magic carpet pose is so generic and I already own several version of it, but then this is Aladdin!! I am giving myself 1-2 days to cool down if I should jump to get this. Arrgh.. but then it is easier to think of storage rather than regretting missing an item: Disney Parks Medium Big Fig of Aladdin, Jasmine, Abu, and Magic Carpet.

Singapore is actually not so bad as a tourist place on weekdays. Haha.. The shopping malls are lull, there is no queue for food, and there are good lunch deals. Yesterday, I saw Kuishinbo 60 minutes lunch buffet for $24.90++ but I was there 30 minutes before their lunch time end. I ended up eating at Kohaku to eat tendon. It is just next to Kuishinbo and the tendon reminds me of the one I had in Osaka. The price is very reasonable. $15++ for the tendon that comes with 2 ebi, 2 pieces of chicken, some pieces of seafood (I don't know what as I just ate them all without thinking), and vegetables (the mushroom is damn good!).

Today I went back to Suntec for Kuishinbo. It seems that time is not really a limiting factor. It is my stomach. I went out after 45 minutes and I did not even get to try everything. But it was still very good and I like the carpaccio thingy best. One is Tai carpaccio, and the other one (which is nicer) is not named. I wanted to take again before leaving but I really could not take it. My highlight was to try oden for the very first time. Haha.. Yes I am so easy to please. The takoyaki was very good too as I could feel the big piece of octopus inside. Sadly, my stomach only had space to try 1 piece. I tried to try all their winter special food except for the dessert. The only thing I really wanted but did not get was the sharkfin soup.

That's all for the good time and good food. It is back to usual grind tomorrow and back to usual diet and emoness. Sigh..

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