Saturday, December 31, 2016

Sayonara 2016

Today is the last day of in 2016 so as usual, it is time to summarise and reflect on the past year. The highlight for this year is my trip to Australia in March. I did not get the chance to hug a koala or play with kangaroos but it felt great to be back to Sydney. I always thought it would be boring to travel to the same place more than once but this trip proved otherwise.

Other than that, 2016 has nothing much worth mentioning. I realised that I really watched a lot of movies this year. I think the 'coma' of my laptop really contributed much to that as my internet time was less than previous years. Another impact from that is I am not watching that much anime or J-drama this year and I sort of not really following J-pop music.

I also achieved some 'smaller' dreams such as completing photobooks from my trips to Europe, Japan, and Australia. I also attended my first ever live concert for AAA. The experience is quite addictive and not as daunting as I expected. I will not hesitate to attend future concerts of people that I like. Hehe.. I also attended the fan club event and got chance to high touch them. Hoho..

I am pretty daring with my first attempt at investment. I started with the monthly $200 for POSB invest saver in 2015 which is considered quite a small amount. Lol. This year I contributed to crowdfunding which is considered higher risk but higher return. I really think I was quite crazy to pump in $11000 into it o_0 So far I only managed to get $5000 back and it is quite a roller coaster ride with few missed payments. Not sure if my heart can take more roller coaster rides like this haha.. However, the mind set of "I am prepared to lose the $xxx that I pump in" really helps for such high risk investment. As the economy is not doing well, I already stopped doing this. Haha.. I actually stopped sometime in June so I effectively only participated for 4 months. Now I am only waiting for the repayments.

Premium Bandai Singapore also opened this year and I am working with my friends in Jakarta to open a Gundam shop. My task is simple: just to help to order whatever he thinks will sell and forks out the money first. Lol. I have to think about storage as well since my room is already like a store room but at least he will handle how to get the items to Jakarta. Lol.

I still continue with my Japanese language class although I am at the brink of giving up. Sigh.. I do not really put in the effort to memorise and it gets quite difficult to follow. Can't deny that it still makes the mugger in me happy about it. Haha.. It contributes a lot to my fortnightly Starbucks to do the homework too T_T Haha... My diet goes down the drain this year as I hardly avoid egg, chilli, and butter and I cannot maintain the discipline with my L-men for dinner. Sigh.. Not surprising that I have become so embarrassing fat this year, fat enough for me to actually plunge into a gym training. I also walked a lot thanks to Pokemon GO! I am more willing to walk to catch pokemons than for the sake of just losing weight. Yes... crazy me.

The realisation that I simply run out of storage of space really puts a brake to my binging on toy collections. For the past year, my spending is only 60% than the previous year. The percentage looks fantastic but I really thought I could spend even much lesser. Hmm.. where did the money go as I don't really think my bank account increase that much also leh?

Hmm.. after all the above, something is missing. Yes, I leave the rant about my job as the last. After the fun and excitement of SEA Games last year, work has been shit this year to give me negative vibes for the rest of the year. More importantly, it is shit enough to push me to actually actively look for job instead of just grumbling that I want to change job. Well, my bond just ended this September anyway.

In summary, 2016 is so lacklustre as compared to the fantastic 2015. Things are expected to be worse in 2017 whether you believe in Chinese horoscope or not so I am really not looking forward to it. My wish for 2017 is to find a 5-day week job so that I can find more meaningful activities (such as volunteering or church activities) on the weekend. I want to continue with my Japanese lessons and I will join the gym membership. It is painful to drag myself out for the gym but I really hope that the realisation that I have spent so much, I will at least make use of it. I hope to continue putting on a rein on my toy spending (not sure if it can happen) as the storage issue really drives me crazy. Bleah... Not sure if I want to find a girlfriend since I really still prefer to die young.

Wew.. what a depressing end of the year. New year is supposed to be happy right? Whatever.. Sayonara 2016 and welcome to 2017 whether you want it or not.

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