Thursday, October 20, 2016

Another disappointment

After waiting for 2 weeks, I finally got the chance to get more information about my plan B. Yet it turned out to be another disappointment. With no inpatient experience, it is basically out of my reach as I will not have the insight gained from working experience to be able to do the work effectively. Am I disappointed? Well, I feel more cheated than disappointed because there is no mention about inpatient experience in the job advertisement. If it is mentioned, at least I will not even consider this in the first place. I think it is almost a month since the first time the ad was published and it is still being renewed weekly. Hmm.. I am hoping that the post cannot be filled and then they contact me? Lol.. Better to have someone imperfect than noone at all right?

I have found the next one to try. Lol. This time is about safety and quality improvement. At least something that I am quite interested in. However, according to my ex-colleague, statistics knowledge maybe required. I don't know if I should be thick skin to just send my resume to try. I shall think about it over the weekend.

Honestly, this job search really sucks. In the newspapers, it is very common to see reports about job seekers being too picky bla bla bla. In reality, it is even more common to see employers being to picky. Where on earth can you find someone with only 2 years of working experience but in areas A and/or B and/or C? 2 years working at a place is still like an orientation and how do you expect someone to be experienced in so many things.

Since I am most likely stuck in my current condition, I decided to be true to my bitch self today. I have to admit that I am naturally a bitchy person and pretending to be good is just tiring. It is so relaxing today to just blurt out everything to my in-charge. Yes, I am not gonna be the only one to work my ass off. I want everyone to be rostered and hence forced to work their asses off as well. I can't be bothered if there is any negative feelings. Work is work.

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