Sunday, June 26, 2016

Gunpla Expo 2016

Yesterday was my fourth time visiting the Gunpla Expo at Takashimaya. With the exclusives still not sold out, it seems that my Bear-san is a failed investment T_T Surprisingly there were not so many people although I reached at about 11am after I finished my Japanese homework at Ion Starbucks. Thus, I took some photos. I have to admit that I did not find it as exciting as Gundam Docks last year when I took photos right from the first time I went. Lol. I can't wait to have the next Gundam Docks and I hope they will bring the same Gundam Wing Zero Customs displayed in Hong Kong last year. Anyway, enjoy the pictures from my half-assed effort to take them.
Glad to see it with a pose instead of just standing stationary
The crowd arrived by the time I took the back view
SG50 Gundam at MBS diorama
Merlion Gundam is here as well
Gundam Barbatos
Gundam Bear-III Double Happiness version
I bought grilled squid ($5) and fried squid ($8) from Takashimaya food fair. I wanted to buy since a week ago but I decided to just get a fried squid ($5) from Taimei at Bishan which was a mistake. The quality of Japanese product is simply unrivaled by its neighbouring countries: the squid was thick and yet it was not tough to chew. I could bite it in small pieces. The one I bought from Taimei was so tough that I had to use my finger to pull the pieces apart. Bleah... The one I bought in Takashimaya also had a more superior flour which surprisingly did not fall apart to crumbs as I was biting pieces by pieces. It was a well spent $13. Lol.

I was tempted to visit LaTendo for one last time as Funan is closing at the end of this month but I decided not to if there was no sale. I checked the facebook page again last night and I realised that they are having their closing sale just for the weekend! I did not scroll down when I checked the phone so I thought their latest post was about the moving. It was actually a pinned post. So I went there this evening and I snagged Saint Seiya 10th Anniversary DX Display Stage. Not one but two for $40 each. I still felt the bitterness when I missed it during HLJ sale for 1500 JPY a few months ago. It is sold out now so there is no way I can ever find such a price anymore. I actually don't collect Saint Seiya Myth Cloth figures but the display looks quite cool and I am going to use it for my other figures. I am not a frequent visitor and in fact, I find it quite inconvenient to travel to Funan. But now I feel kinda sad that Funan is going to close. My most memorable memory is getting a Christmas figure of myself there a few years ago. Sigh.. The booth closed not long after that and I kinda regret that I never buy more of this.

I am in need of a new laptop but sadly there was no exciting closing sale for the laptops. Oh well, I think I have overspent lately so I have to put a rein on my wallet. JPY is almost 20% compared to when I went to Japan in September last year so buying things directly from Japan is getting more expensive. Haiz.. So sad I so quickly changed my leftover JPY last year. I am holding to AUD and USD in hope of making a profit but thanks to Brexit, these 2 are dropping. Sian..

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