Sunday, May 29, 2016


I used my off day yesterday to watch X-men Apocalypse again at the Platinum Suites with my last free ticket and half a day was gone just like that. It makes me feel old that I treasure time over money now. Sigh.. With that, I hope no one will give me free Cathay Platinum Movie tickets anymore. My first experience there 2 weeks ago was not very stellar and yesterday was such a turn off: the combo which is marked as 'must have' was not available (and I was watching the first show of the day!) and there were ticket stubs on the floor next to my seat (so much for the housekeeping and maintenance!). Two thumbs down!!

The first time I came across AAA was last year and it was a few months after their concert in Singapore. I thought it was such a waste that I only knew them after their concert. Otherwise I would watch their concert. Guess what: this September they are coming back!! And now it is my turn to be in a dilemma whether to watch. I have never been to any music concert before and the thought of having to jostle and jump around with the sweaty crowd is such a turn off. I am also very self-conscious as I am not very young anymore and I will be going alone T_T

The concert will be at SCAPE which means it is going to be a standing concert. Haiz.. I prefer a less rowdy and a sitting down concert to enjoy. The tickets are not cheap at $130 or $100. In comparison, I watched Wicked at MBS for only $58 (although the seat location was bad) and I watched Naruto Live Spectacle for $138 at RWS. Both were sitting down and at a more 'atas' location. The other thing which is bothering me is their Member Limited Fan Club Event which will cost $80. Is this a concert with a member-only ticket price? Or is it a completely different event altogether? Maybe I will end up YOLO-in and buying both..

Earlier I came across an advertisement for Tommy Page's concert in Jakarta when I was reading some Indonesian news website. It will be held next week at one hotel which is just near my home!! I can even walk to reach there. The price is also very cheap! The gold ticket is about $55 and that is already the seating one. VIP ticket is about $150. Compare about the pricing for the concerts here in Singapore, that kind of pricing will only get me a lousy category. So sad that I only know about this this late. I am not a big fan of him but I have his Greatest Hits album in a cassette. As a 90's pop singer, his songs sound quite similar to one another so some people may think they are boring. I think otherwise as his songs are typical easy listening 90's songs so the fact that the songs sound similar means that she songs sound similarly good.
The first song that introduced me to Tommy Page

I just spent $189 2 weeks ago for Kingdom Hearts Orchestra - World Tour at Esplanade. The concert will be next year May. Lol. Yes that's is very early. The sale started at 12pm and I bought it in the evening and surprisingly, quite a lot of seats were already sold. I bought a category 2 seat and the one I got was about 5 rows behind the last row of the category 1 section. I guess it was not too bad as compared to paying $255 for the category 1 section. A lot of the middle seats were already taken and my seat was like the 12th from the centre but it was still quite far from the aisle too. I am not too into Kingdom Hearts actually. I don't even know any of their song. Lol. Since I cannot get any Final Fantasy, because there is no Final Fantasy concert planned here, Kingdom Hearts is a replacement to experience a game-themed orchestra.

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