Sunday, April 3, 2016

Weekend accomplishment

I finally completed my Japan Trip photobook last night. That means I can start on my Australia Trip photobook this coming week and finish it when I am back home next week. I wanted to sleep earlier but in the end I slept at 4am because of the games from Jimmy Fallon's show. They are hilarious, there are so many of them, and I am still not done.

I finally went for mass at the newly renovated Church of Sts Peter & Paul. Before that, I went to Asanoya bakery again as both are at Queen Street and today I was lucky to get the Matcha Salted Egg croissant. There were only 5 on display and I am so happy I quickly joined the queue. I bought 2 and the people behind me wiped out everything. I promised I am not going to be tempted with any salted egg stuff anymore. Haha.. What does that mean?

The matcha salted egg croissant is actually damn good!! Initially I thought they were pretty small for something that costs $4.90 but hey, the filling is generous. I will even say it is filled to the brim. When I took a bite, the filling was overflowing from somewhere else. So yeah, it is that good. The matcha flavour is strong but I could not taste that much salted egg flavour. That's the my reason of not going to be tempted with anything salted egg anymore. My expectation is for strong salty salted egg flavour but it seems that for all these bakery fillings, they always mix it with custard and they end up tasting sweet.

I am looking forward to see the Church of Sts Peter & Paul after renovation but I have to say I am disappointed. It is great to see the church looking all white and new but the interior reminds me the interior of St Teresa's Church. The new look of the brown wooden windows stand out like an eye sore against all the white around. The pew is uncomfortable when you are supposed to kneel and pray. Mass started a bit late at 430pm instead of 420pm and it lasted for more than 1 hour. It was also definitely more crowded as compared to pre-renovation days. Well, I guess everyone enjoys aircon. So yeah aircon is one of the things which is definitely better after the renovation. The audio system is definitely better and louder so despite the longer-than-expected mass duration, I kinda enjoyed the homily.

Anyway, I felt a bit irrated when the Japanese lesson time was changed as my regular Sunday schedule no longer fit. Now with renovation is done, I think I can just change my Sunday to Japanese lesson first and going for mass at Sts Peter & Paul.

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