Saturday, April 2, 2016

Loosen up

April is here and birthday month is time to loosen things up, especially purse and stomach. Haha.. With Lent is over, I am somehow getting all the urge to start binge eating back. I even bought 7 salted egg mini croissant from Bread Talk despite having to avoid egg for health purpose. Since all the hoo-hah about salted egg stuff, I have never tried once. I tried to go Antoinette twice and returned empty handed. The queue was too long at the first visit and the food had not arrived for the second visit. I also went to Asanoya this afternoon after seeing their matcha salted egg croissant but no stock :( Sian.. In the past week, I had eated 4 packs of Kettle potato chips too and I have yet to have any fast food although I am craving for KFC popcorn chicken quite badly. Lol. I learn to limit my diet for forever. Aiming for only a certain time period, like Lent, results in this kind of rebound.

Next thing: shopping. I only spent less than $500 since January to fulfill my toys, anime, and manga hobby and I am proud of that. Haha.. I have been waiting for April since CDJapan will give me birthday points to offset my purchase. HLJ had spring sale and I thought I would purchase on 31 March to time it with my credit card bills but all of the toys I wanted to get were sold out by then. Fuck man! The one I am really sad about is Saint Seiya Myth Cloth display which was on sale from 5000 JPY to 750 JPY only.

This morning I bought Aladdin Infinity box set from eBay. I don't play it but want it none the less to get the Aladdin & Jasmine as figures. I have been aiming for it from Amazon for the past 1+ years but it is not available for shipping to Singapore. So the moment I saw one on eBay with cheap shipping, I clicked the buy button. I also started looking at Calvin & Hobbes complete collection again. I want it since the first time it was released but have been putting my wish on hold since binding is bad and the storage space issue I am facing. I also want the illustrated version of Harry Potter although I am confused why the US version cost few hundred dollars. Anyway I will be patient and wait for all 7 books to be illustrated as I am pretty sure they will make another bundle or boxed set eventually.

I went to Singapore International Coin Fair this afternoon. My main aim was to get the commemorative coin of Peter Rabbit. On Singapore Mint website, it was shown as selling fast but when I reached the fair, I was told that I need to pre-order for that. Whaaat..??? So I ended up getting the cupro-nickle version first. I wanted the silver one because it has some colours on the coins. The website shows it as sold out now so perhaps I am too late? Sigh..  I also pre-ordered all 3 Batman v Superman medallions. I was planning to choose 1 out of the 3 designs but I guess impulse took over and I filled in 1 for each. As I am not really a fan of DC, I hope I lose out for this PO. But please don't let me lose out on the Peter Rabbit T_T

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