Thursday, April 28, 2016

Captain America: Civil War

The hype is real and just like all overhyped things, I am bracing myself for a disappointment. So I am not too disappointed with Captain America: Civil War which is actually rather disappointing. The movie actually starts pretty strong with great action scene for the Lagos mission. Unfortunately, the momentum cannot be maintained and things just going downhill from there.

Although I am expecting great fighting scenes from a superhero movie, the story needs to be up to a certain standard to join everything together and I think this movie sorts of fail. Things still make sense until Sokovia Accords but starts to break apart and it ends with a big bummer. I can't believe that all the huge fights between 2 groups of superheroes are all caused by a guy who wants a revenge. All the 'civil war' is not over disagreement to Sokovia Accords but merely over Winter Soldier. It is so a stupid and lame. In fact, how the 2 factions are formed also does not make sense and seems to be purely fanservice. I have no idea how Hawkeye who is supposed to be retired then decides to join Cap's team. I don't see how he gets Antman in the first place just like how Tony recruits Spidey. Spidey is just a teenager and to have him fighting with veterans who save the world from aliens and crazy AI, it is not a very wise decision. 

The big fight at the airport seems to be fight that everyone is looking for but it is not as great as I imagine or expect it is going to be. The fight seems rather pointless and does not invoke the kind of emotion when you see a big fight to save the world. They try to insert a lot of funny banters in between this fight and although it made us laugh, it makes the fight like classmates pretending to be competitive during PE class and it is making the fight seems pointless. To me, it is a failed copycat attempt to follow what Joss Whedon did with the Avengers movies. So yeah, movie director makes a difference.

The fight also successfully allows each superhero to show off their powers. Unfortunately, some characters are badly written. The worst example is Iron Man. At the beginning, his aim to protect the Avengers, even those who oppose Sokovia Accords. At the end, he does not seem to be that bothered that Cap's team is jailed and he snaps when he realised his parents were killed by the brainwashed Winter Soldier. I think Tony Stark is not someone who will so easily succumb to personal revenge over the bigger picture. Vision is another badly written character. For someone who should be wise and in possession of mind stone, he seems to be lost in thoughts and fails to see the bigger picture in the whole conflict. It is a complete reversal from Age of Ultron in which he seems to be able to see things from higher perspective. It is also ridiculous to see Scarlet Witch being imprisoned. Although she has trouble controlling her powers, she is very powerful (at least in the comics) that I don't think she will just accept to be jailed.

I don't really like Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther but Black Panther's character is well written. He is a hot-headed prince who wants to take a revenge to his father's murderer but as he learns what is going on, he starts to act like a king and that is how King of Wakanda should behave. As the movie is about Captain America, perhaps I am a bit biased towards him. I am not sure if it is his character to break into a prison to rescue his "team" but his love letter to Tony at the ends seems apt: we may have disagreements now but when you have problems and need us in the future, feel free to call us.

To be objective, I think this movie is rather sucky. I am not sure if all the hype causes me to have a sky-high expectations. However, I left the cinema feeling bored and sleepy. I was not expecting so much from Captain America: Winter Soldier and although there are boring parts, I left the cinema feeling pretty good and enjoying myself.

This is the first time I tried watching in D-Box format and I think the experience is quite lame. Lol. The vibrating/shaking chair is like going for a 3D/4D arena in theme parks but the arena lasts for 2 hours. But it is definitely not something I am interested to try again or I will recommend.

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