Sunday, March 20, 2016

Planning to quit

Post-holiday.. I thought I would feel refreshed and regain my enthusiasm. But when God plans otherwise, what can man say. I kena complained by a bitch after I 'gave' in. Haiz.. I should not have not given in and let the bitch suffer if I will get a complaint anyway. When you have multiple prescriptions with long durations and for the past 2 months have been collecting 2 months worth of benzodiazepine and opioid, I have the right to be suspicious and refuse.

Well having unreasonable assholes complain is to be expected but what ultimately really make cannot tahan is how the higher up simply gives in to these people. Here I am just doing my job, getting unfairly complained, and the unreasonable people still get what they want. This seems to be the straw that broke the camel's back and I am not only seriously thinking of leaving but seriously planning of leaving. In the past, I am only looking at lecturing at polytechnic as a potential next job. Now I am also considering teaching at secondary school or JC. That's my dream since my JC days anyway. Anyway I have 6 more months until my bond ends so I am praying for a miracle that somehow there is a chance for me to get a HQ job. Otherwise, I have to tidy up my CV since I have not been updating it since I graduated in 2011. Lol.

Thankfully I was away for a course on Thursday and Friday. My mental state was not optimal and very negative because of the bitch.What's the point of doing everything that I do when customers are like that and higher ups are also like that. I caught up with my friend from uni for dinner on Thursday. Finally!! We made an agreement to meet in 2014 and it was only materialised now haha.. I was too busy in 2015.

I am also feeling a bit stressed with my Japanese language as I missed the last 2 lessons when I was in Australia. Although I enjoy learning it and I want to learn it, I have to admit that I am starting to struggle. There are a lot of vocabs and grammars that I forgot. Bleah.. So yeah, I have the passion, I have the enjoyment, but in the end I still feel stressed. That is something for me to consider as I am looking for a new job. It may not be 100% stress-free but at least it will be better than my current state of hating my job. After the lesson today, I felt much better. Hehe.. Sensei is very encouraging: It is okay to forget, just look at the notes again to remember. Don't try to remember/memorise. We learn by forgetting and then relooking again for many rounds.

It is Palm Sunday today and I almost skipped mass again. Shame on me! I was planning to go to the newly renovated Sts Peter & Paul after my Japanese class but it took me longer than expected to eat so I could not make it to the 4.20pm mass. I was so lazy to go Holy Spirit, up to the point that I actually went home first, before remembering the Holy Door indulgence thing also mentions about receiving communion. I am such a sucker. Well, whether I get the indulgence or not, at least I am happy that I went for mass today.

Last but not least, my wait for Kinokuniya 20% sale since CNY is finally over and I finally bought Gundam Wing Frozen Tear Drop artbook. Yay!! I am so happy with this: 91 pages worth of illustrations and the only 5 pages of writing are actually epilogue of the manga. I don't follow the story (someone please translate the manga or make it into anime) but anything with Heero Yuy, I will collect :D

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