Friday, March 11, 2016

Australia Trip Day 8: Mt Dandenong, Yarra Valley

I am really getting old. Despite having enough rest and waking up later than usual, I still feel very tired throughout the day. We left house at about 10am and had a nice trip to Mt Dandenong. At some parts the fog was so thick and after we made a stop, I would like to take a nice picture in the middle of the fog. My sister crossed the road before I asked her to do that and by the time we were done with the shopping, the sun was very bright and the fog was gone. Sianz...

My aunt planned for us to try Miss Marple's Tea Room. I believe that it is a famous place as people were already waiting outside before the opening hours. While waiting, we went to a nearby shop. There is this shop selling random souvenirs and the owner has a very cute dog. I wanted to take a picture with the dog but there was another customer. I did not dare to take play with the dog without the owner's nearby although the dog was very cute and friendly. I looked into its eyes and it looked back at me. When I tilted my head, it followed my tilting. Not even once it barked or what. Grrahh!!! Because of power failure, the eatery delayed its opening hours so we gave it a miss.

We went to the Sky High which has nice gardens around. The view to the city was covered by the fog though. Oh and crazy me suddenly felt like climbing a tree to take photos but there was no suitable tree to climb. Lol.

We then went to Yarra Valley Chocolaterie and the view outside was more interesting than the chocolates. Haha.. Upon entry, there were 3 gigantic bowls of chocolate chips with milk, dark, and white chocolate. Visitors can scoop them for free. Although I am not a fan of chocolate (except if they come as milk or ice cream), I have to admit that they made pretty great chocolates.The portion of the food we ordered for lunch was scary for Asians so we shared. Haha..

After that we went to Domaine Chandon winery. I was dreaming of taking photos with me squating in between the grape vines but tourists were not allowed to enter the vineyards T_T The sceneries around were even better than the chocolate factory but the ground was wet. So I could not lie down on the ground under a tree or something haha.. I did the wine tasting for $5 and that was for 6 different wines. I was almost knocked out after the 2nd one but the guy kept pouring into my glass although I was away from the bar so I kept coming back. Lol.. Anyway it was worth it for $5 because the amount poured was very generous. It was about a quarter glass for each wine. I was not so disappointed to get flushed just after 2 wines as the other Asians were also getting red pretty quickly.

We went to Chadstone Shopping Centre and I believe Marina Bay Sands had its concept stolen from here lol: long alleys with full glass ceilings. We visited the Chemist Warehouse and I decided to buy Nicorette gum here since it is OTC here and the price is only $10-ish.I am very curious to find out how the gum taste like so that I am not talking rubbish when I do my smoking cessation counselling.

We had dinner at one Asian restaurant which is famous among Indonesians in Melbourne and their number 1 dish is quail. I hate eating things with bones and I hate dirtying my fingers while eating. I forced myself to do both out of courtesy. Bleah.. I did not enjoy it but I still think the sauce is good. So for those who like to eat this kind of thing, I am pretty sure they will find it amazing.

That's all for today and tomorrow will be the last day before flying back to my normal mundane life.

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