Sunday, February 14, 2016

WaT... the... T_T

I don't know if people are spending their angpaus or it is because of Valentine's Day but I noticed that the restaurant queues were long throughout the day. Flowers, balloons, gifts, romantic meals.. they are reminders that being single is an informed choice that I consciously make. I still can't imagine cracking my head to plan for these "sweet" things. Sigh.. Will I change? Or will I be able to find a girl who is not into these kinds of time wasting activities? Well, for now, I will enjoy Valentine's Day with the one who truly loves myself, no matter how moody, how fat, how irritating, and how (insert all negative adjectives that you can think of) I am: myself.

This morning I came across the news that WaT is disbanding. Aih... I don't know why I feel sad as I thought they were already disbanding since long time ago anyway. WaT has a special place during my university days and I actually have their albums and singles until 2008. In fact, I still use their song Ready Go! as my alarm tune in my K800i phone. After that, they seemed to disappear and I was not aware that they were on a hiatus. They came back in late 2015 only to announce that they are disbanding this year. I will definitely miss their music. Although their songs do not exactly have memorable tunes, they are pleasant to the ears and when listening to them, my mood becomes relaxed and happy.
The final single.. I have to admit that I find this so so only.

From my friend's facebook wall, I discovered about AKB48's latest single: Kimi wa Melody. I was pleasantly surprised to see old members again, especially Tomomi Itano on the first few second. What is going on with AKB48 nowadays?? Hmm.. apparently their latest single failed to hit 1 million sales on their first week and that was seen as a sign of dipping popularity. I guess the management finally realise that no way AKB48 will survive in the long run and at the rate they keep getting the old members back, it seems that they are getting desperate. The video for the latest single looks gorgeous: pretty girls, gorgeous kimonos, colourful display. What more can we ask for? The moment I read that the person behind this is the same one behind Heavy Rotation, I am not amazed with the amount of fanservice that will happen.
Very pretty MV.. if only the song is as catchy as Heavy Rotation..

And talking about Heavy Rotation, I just found out about the existence of the video below. He sings very well and surprisingly the song still sounds pretty nice when sung by a guy.

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