Saturday, January 23, 2016


In the era of digital photography, gone are the days of printing photos to keep in a photobook. Although it is nice to be able to browse through the pictures digitally, nothing beats flipping through a photobook -just like how I can never enjoy online manga as much as reading directly from a book on my hands. There is this online photobook website that has perpetual discount codes from groupon but I only finally got the 'mood' to properly do one this year.

Honestly, it is not an easy thing to do and it is very tiring. I have been doing it for the past 2+ weeks and sacrifice whatever free personal time I have. Haha.. I started with the photos from my Europe trip in 2013 and the most difficult thing to do is the selection of the photos. Initially, I did for a 40-page portrait photobook as the available groupon discount code was for that. It took me a week to complete and by the time I wanted to get the groupon discount code, I realised that the photobook website itself is running a promotion for 40 and 80-page landscape photobook!! It was the last few hours of the promotion and luckily it was for the discount codes only and the timeline given to use it is until May. Landscape is always a better orientation for a photobook so I decided to re-do everything T_T There went all my effort for the past 1 week and I spent another week to do the 80-page landscape photobook. I hope it will turn out not disappointing. I will only write about my experience (especially with the use of the software) after I receive the end product. Haha.. Biasness detected.

I actually bought 2 more codes for 40-page because I am planning to do more for my Japan trip and Korea trip but after these past 2 weeks, I should take a rest doing these photos until Chinese New Year. Lol.. As a new customer, they emailed me a discount code for a free small photobook. Hehe.. I thought I wanted to use this for all my personal narcissistic photos but I realised I don't have enough photos to make a 40-page photobook. Lol.. Well I still have until end of this year to fill this photobook. Lol.

I finally completed my 3rd consecutive working Saturday since the beginning of the year with company's Active Day. That was the first physical activity I did since before my surgery in 2014!! Wow.. I played frisbee for a while and I still think that it is one sport which looks simple to play but very tiring to play. I ran out of breath and simply gave up on the last point despite at 1-1 condition. Well, we played for fun anyway. I also completed the 2km walk (jogging or running was forbidden as this was meant to be a walk assessment) and all my body is aching until now. I hope it will kickstart my exercise habit again.

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