Sunday, January 24, 2016

Chicken overload

After tongue, stomach is the next body part which may lead you closer to hell. I can't believe that I skipped church this weekend just because of my stomach. Oh God please forgive me T_T Well God is distant so it is alright to sometimes prioritise myself over God. But no, I followed my stomach desire when it also meant that I would be eating poison.

Egg is a poison to my body and I have proven it during my end of year holiday that eggs really triggered acne breakout. After bombardment of various salted egg cuisines in my facebook, I lost my restrain last night and I kept thinking about salted egg popcorn chicken. Sigh.. I can't remember who shared it but on my facebook newsfeed, I saw about the Chicken King which is located at Toa Payoh. I pass by the area daily so if I want I can get it after work but a part of me keep urging me to try it today and keep my weekdays for diet.

Since the beginning of this year, my sleep cycle has been completely destroyed. I could no longer take a 1-2 hour nap in the evening as I always overslept until 2-3am :( which means that I may not brush my teeth (eww!!!) and put on my acne creams. I always shower before dinner as I hope that it would keep me awake longer and I don't need to take a nap. It does not work but at least I still shower :p The same thing happened last night and I fell asleep while waiting for the uploading of my photobook. I woke up at 1am and only slept again at 4am. I woke up late and because I played game too long, I skipped my usual 1130am mass. I thought I would eat my salted egg popcorn chicken for lunch and then go for my Japanese class. I played game longer than expected that I did not even have time for lunch. I only bought Kkuldak popcorn chicken at Plaza Sing before my Japanese class.

After class, it was a tough decision between going for evening mass vs having dinner. Obviously I chose dinner with the excuse being not having proper meal since lunch yesterday. I bought the normal ($5) and the salted egg popcorn chicken ($5.40) from the Chicken King. The normal one is pretty good, even better than Kkuldak, as they are not dry and well marinated. The salted egg turns to be as I expected: over-rated and nothing special. Booo!!

So yeah.. 3 servings of popcorn chicken a day. No more of it for the next 3 months!! Haha.. Time to get back on diet again.

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