Monday, October 12, 2015

WDCC Aladdin: Racing to the Rescue

WDCC Aladdin Racing to the Rescue was released in 2009 and is considered Time Limited as its production was limited only to the year 2009. Therefore, it bears a paw of Dalmatians. The figurine comes in a box measuring 34cm (L) x 31cm (W) x 35cm (H). The figurine itself is about 23cm tall and the widest dimension of the base is about 22cm.
The box, the figurine, and the Certificate of Authenticity
The box is still in excellent condition
No idea why the caption is "Aladdin Treasure Surfing" although the official name of the figurine is Racing to Rescue
If after seeing the first picture you are wondering why the box is almost twice as tall as the figurine, the following pictures will give you the answer.
The packaging seems solid up to this point
Okay the packaging is quite worrying now. Haha..
Front view
The vest and pants give a nice dynamic effect but Aladdin seems to be sliding, instead of running/racing
Back view
If only I can consistently get this kind of lighting
The face is rather off: so fierce and so un-Aladdin like
Head looks disproportionately too big from this angle
Hmm.. where can I find such big gold coins in real life?
The effect of flying coins is pretty good
The sword is mentioned as one of the highlights of the figure but I don't see anything special about it.
The small detail of the sown patch on Aladdin's pants is not left out
Under zoom, the piles of gold coins look more like piles of melting chocolate
Or looks like mud.. or shit..
Better paint job for this foot
Disproportionately big hand
The base and the Dalmatian's paw
Certificate of Authenticity and advertisement booklet
 Certificate of Authenticity

I am quite confused regarding the scene that this figurine is based on. Based on some description online, it is as if Aladdin is racing to rescue Jasmine from Jafar but I don't recall Aladdin going back to the Cave of Wonders when banished by Jafar near the end of the movie. For me, this figurine seems to depict the scene when Aladdin is escaping from the crumbling Cave of Wonders after Abu touches the ruby. But if that is the case, then the title does not really make sense. Anyway, let's not be confused thinking about this and just enjoy the figurine.

The original price for this is USD 199 and I paid for about USD 180 including shipping. I bought this in late May 2014 but I have been way too busy to write posts about my toys and hence I am only writing about this 1.5 years later. This is actually the first Aladdin WDCC that I am interested in. It broke my heart when shit happened in 2013 and after patiently waiting for one with reasonable price and can be shipped overseas, I am still disappointed in the end. Aladdin's face looks off for me, I don't like the disproportionate body parts, sloppy paint jobs turn the supposedly grandeur gold coins into chocolate cookies, and gemstones which look nothing like gemstones.

A side by side comparison with WDCC Aladdin A Whole New World shows a stark difference in quality. I know that both have different sculptors but since both come from the same line of products, I was expecting similar quality and scale. Of course in the end, money will explain everything since A Whole New World costs twice of Racing to the Rescue.
Just to show the difference with the hands of both figurines

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