Sunday, October 4, 2015

God at play

Honestly, since I came back from Japan, I have always been feeling lazy to go to church. I kept making excuses for me not to go but amazingly, I still went for all the 3 Sundays. Not that I am complaining but everything that happened was not mere coincidence but God's work.

On the first Sunday after I came back, I still felt so tired. I was lazy to even go out for lunch and I went quite late for lunch. After done with my lunch and grocery shopping, it was close to 5pm and no way I would wait another 30 minutes for Mass. On my way home, I was stopped by ANZ credit card promoter. I actually was not interested in having another credit card but I was tempted with the unlimited lounge access in airports. By the time I was done, it was about 525pm and yup, just nice to walk over to the church for mass.

After that, I realised that the lounges which are accessible by the card is apparently not very nice :( I did not bother to pick up the phone call from the bank for the following 3 days after and I hope that my application is rejected :p Haha.. Seriously I am not keen on having additional cards for now.

I messed up my sleep cycle on last Saturday which made me end up on the bed only at 2am on Sunday morning. I decided not to set up my alarm clock and heck if I could not wake up to go for mass. I ended up cannot sleep well and was awakened at 530am!! So yeah, I decided to go for 7am mass, had my early lunch and then to have a long afternoon nap after that.

Today I had a volunteering event (but honestly I volunteered myself just to hit my KPI) which was planned to end at 1.30pm. I already planned to skip mass again as I was very tired. I woke up at 5am today because I had to reach Bedok by 715am. The event ended earlier than expected at 1230. The train ride to Bugis from Bedok takes about 14 minutes so I would still be in time for 1pm mass at the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes. Yay!! So I went for mass again this week.

Dear God, I appreciate all these that allowed me not to miss any mass for the past 3 weeks. But for now please fix my dripping my aircon:(

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