Monday, August 10, 2015

SG50 Golden Jubilee

All the hype that began from the beginning of this year finally reached the climax yesterday and over the past weekend. It was unthinkable at the start of the year and it became a big surprise that 7 August was declared to be a special public holiday this year which made the past weekend a 'longer' weekend than expected. Of course for me it was just a long weekend thanks to my own stupidity of booking ticket for the wrong day.

SG50 seemed to be very happening with tonnes of activies and celebration, free MRT and bus rides, etc. I am sure it is once-in-a-lifetime experience. I decided to give it a miss also because I don't want to jostle with the crowd. Surprisingly though, as I was doing my last minute shopping last Friday, it was not as crowded as expected. Where did the people go?

I did not bring any luggage this time. I intended on bringing but I could not decide on what to bring home despite my room here is already very full and I still have more things to buy :( Sigh.. I still like many of my figurines and I have plans on my head to display them some day. Even if I am able to bring some, I will get the stress at home thinking how to arrange and store the items as well. Is it time to stop? Haiz...

I took Garuda Indonesia this time and it was my first time using terminal 3. Hmm.. it is not as exciting as terminal 1. I still prefer terminal 1 as I think there are more shops and eateries there. Perhaps it is only my feeling. Being used to bigger planes when I am taking AirFrance, it was underwhelming to take a smaller flight again. Bleah.. I will be flying to Japan with Garuda and I don't feel that exciting if the plane is like this. The in-flight entertainment is also not very good. To end all in a low note, the plane was parked at remote area and I had to take shuttle bus to reach the terminal building. Sian lo... By the way it was raining as the plane was descending and the turbulence reminded me of the Battlestar Galactica ride T_T Those moments of simply surrendering everything to God.

Usually I don't like a short trip home because I will feel very tired with all the journey. But I guess I feel very stressed recently and I just need to getaway from my routine. It was hard for me to decide but in the end I left behind my laptop. Yay!! Haha.. I was rushing through Kuroko no Basket Season 3 on Thursday evening and I was left with just 3 more episodes before my flight. It was not a wrong decision not to bring my laptop as I would not have time to watch at home. My Saturday evening was burnt to attend my aunt's birthday celebration, I slept through Sunday morning because of the tiredness, and I had to take photo for my visa application in the afternoon.

I am just back and surprisingly I did not feel as tired as expected. I have new thoughts over going home for long weekend and tadaaaa: I purchased tickets for 2016 Chinese New Year. Haha... That is like breaking another 'taboo' for me. I was doing exactly the same thing that I would be doing even if I were to spend the long weekend in Singapore but the family makes a difference and that's why nothing beats home and I still cannot consider Singapore home yet although I nearly spent half of my life here.

I hope they still celebrate SG51.. SG52... and so on for the following years. I don't mind having additional holiday and additional $500 every year. Lol..

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