Tuesday, July 21, 2015


I did not watch Iron Man I and II. I watched Iron Man III during a flight. I watched Thor I and II via pirated DVD. I gave Captain America I a miss. Generally I don't watch superheroes movie that feature very few superheros. Ant-Man also falls in the same category but after all the excitement from Avengers Age of Ultron that I watched 3 times and the anticipation for the upcoming of Captain America: Civil War next year, I asked my friend who watched Ant-Man last week if this was worth watching. He told me that it was better than Guardians of the Galaxy (which I thought was pretty good and enjoyable to watch once but memorable enough to rewatch) and Avengers are featured here! Obviously he did not want to divulge more information and I had to watch the movie.

I will try to summarise the plot into 1 paragraph. Hank Pym (the original Ant-Man) develops Pym particles which he refuses to sell or share the formula to people who are interested in it. Fast forward a few later, his former mentee managed to do something similar in the form of Yellowjacket and he intends to sell it to Hydra which is one of the evil organisations in the Marvel Universe. In order to prevent this, Hank tricks and trains Scott Lang to be the new Ant-Man to steal the Yellowjacket.

So what does the movie can last close to 2 hours? Obviously it is full of fillers like Scott Lang's training etc. Putting the fact that they are fillers aside, there are plenty of hilarious scenes that the 2 hours does not feel like an eternity. Some of the jokes are done in "serious" way and that is what makes them very funny. It does not feel as if they are "trying hard" to make it obvious as a joke and make people laugh. That was what happened with most of the jokes in Age of Ultron. And what is Ant-Man without the Wasp? Although the Wasp is not a character here, I am glad that there is a bit of back story and a flashback scene featuring the Wasp. The action and fight scenes are also pretty uninspiring. The animation when Scott turns into ant-size is great but other than that, the action does not make my heart beating fast. Yup, not even the fight between Falcon vs Ant-Man. I don't find any touching scenes either.

This film just reinforce my sentiment that single superhero movie will not be as good as movie with multiple superheroes :( And regarding the Avengers, my friend definitely bluffed me!! Only the New Avengers facilities and the Falcon are featured here.

The mid-credit and post-credit scenes for Ant-Man are the first ones which I find to be quite lengthy and less "cryptic". The mid-credit scene is about Hank showing Hope the Wasp uniform and the post-credit scene has Captain America and Falcon rescuing the Winter Soldier. They are definitely more exciting than Howard the Duck sitting or Thanos wearing gloves. Haha.. 

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