Friday, May 22, 2015

Never ending stress

Stress drove me to do irrational things like watching Avengers Age of Ultron for the 3rd time... at Gold Class some more. Haha... Including the food, it set me back close to $60 but that is the cost of happiness... sanity... de-stress... whatever you want to call it. Surprisingly, I still enjoyed the movie as much as my first time watching it.

My runny nose is still not okay since last week. My plan to take MC on Wednesday and Thursday failed. I had to collect morphine on Wednesday and had to tidy up the place yesterday for the training today. Bleah.. Something interesting happened yesterday. My colleagues were all attending the training session for the data entry system while I was the only one doing my admin work in the office. One of the doctors-in-charge for this SEA Games medical centre was an ex-national bowler so she was featured for some interview. Of all people to be a fake athlete as her patient, they chose me!! Lol.. I was wearing my normal working attire and they said no athlete would wear that to come see doctor. Fiuh.. okay I thought I was saved. But no.. they even tried to find a clothe for me to change. Although there were so many real athletes, they said they could not get them as clearance would be required. So that is my debut as a model. Lol.. No idea where the pictures will appear but they promised only my back and side will be shown. I should not recognisable. Haha.. It was hilarious when we pretend to measure blood pressure because my arm was as skinny as a worm. There was no muscle whatsoever.

Up to 2 days ago, I was pretty happy to see improvement with my acne. I thought my new facial cleanser worked wonders for the first days. It seems that my stress level just shoots above the roof and negates all the improvement the cleanser did. Bleah... 

I thought I would have fewer things to worry after the exercise at the Games Medical Centre today but that was not the case. I will sound rude but the old farts were really driving me crazy. A lot of things that they said simply put across themselves as being lazy and irresponsible. They do not want to hold individual keys for the controlled drugs, they do not want to share the keys, they do not want transfer the keys among themselves, so what the fuck do they want? Imagine giving stupid ideas like putting the controlled drugs into a sealed emergency kit so that we know once the seal is broken, somebody has tampered with it. Does that solve the key issue? Jeez..

I could sense the reluctance when they were paired with a technician but they also could not manage alone. Basically they preferred a pharmacist partner to also cover their backside. Darn it! People in retail pharmacies run one man show if they can do it, we also can do it. I am pretty sure back in their younger days, everything was still very manual, so I don't understand why they find the lack of IT support to be a big deal! Gosh.. I thought I am being helpful by giving them freedom on how to run the place during their shift. Unfortunately, they seem uncomfortable with no guidelines to follow. Come on! It is your right to decide whether you want to dispense things in full, in partial, or even to refuse dispensing at all. I don't care if you want to round up, round down, don't round. What matters to me is giving the correct medicines and making sure stock level is healthy. So just do anything as long as the operation still can run.

I may come across as an asshole saying all the above. I prepare and set up the whole temporary pharmacy so of course I am more familiar. My pet peeve is not about being familiar or not. It is about how unhelpful they are and every suggestion raised is for them to evade responsibility. I know things are not perfect as of now but I really am more worried when I am not around as compared to when I have to be the one running the place.

Only God can sustain and save me for the coming weeks. I don't know how I am going to survive all the stress. I still have to study for my exam, have to prepare things for my workgroup meeting this coming Friday, and settle write ups for project submission. My God.... T_T

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