Sunday, December 7, 2014

I survived a surgery

I went to see a specialist on Thursday and the hernia diagnosis was confirmed. The doctor literally pushed in the intestines back to where they were supposed to be. It was painful and the hole was kinda large. I literally could feel a 'pop' sound as his finger found the hole.

The surgery was performed on Saturday at 3.30pm. Preparation-wise, I only needed to take 400mg of Ceftibuten. Since I have insurance, I might as well use the full coverage for a single room. Anyway, the main difference will only be the cost of the room ($500+ for single room, $300+ for 2 bedded room, and $200+ for 4 bedded room) as the treatment and consumable cost is not marked up depending on the room type.
The toiletries were even more atas than the hotel I stayed in! Haha..
As I was wheeled in from the room to the operating theatre, it was kinda demoralising as I was much younger than other patients. In fact, the porter who pushed the bed could easily be as old as my dad. I think the nurses would also be confused why such a healthy cheerful young man could be admitted to hospital. The surgery took about 2 hours and if I were not wrong, it took me about 1 hour to recover. It was painful and I was on pethidine IV until midnight. I could barely asleep if not because of the pethidine as the nurse had to check my blood pressure and temperature every 2 hours.

The surgery was a laparoscopy procedure. 3 small incisions were made: just below the navel, 1 on the right side, and 1 on the left side. Throughout the whole night I felt something at the middle which I didn't know if it was pain from the wound or the urge to go toilet. I tried to pee but I couldn't. Not sure if it was because the dizziness due to pethidine that I was trying to focus on standing or I was too self conscious to pee with someone around. Even when the nurse left me alone in the bathroom, nothing came out. The nurse was accompanying me just to make sure I do not fall,

In the morning, the doctor checked on me and I was only allowed to be discharged after I passed urine. In the end I managed to pass urine while sitting down. Jeez.. I became like a female already lo..

The post-surgery pain was not as bad as expected. I even walked back from the hospital to the hotel. Lol.. The buses were crowded and I doubted I could balance myself on a crowded bus. There was no pain when I remained stationery but it was painful when I had to move. Sleeping became a nightmare as it hurt to lie down or to get up. Laughing and coughing also hurt. Because of the intubation, I had some phlegm and blood down the throat and it took quite a while to cough them out. Passing urine also caused a bit of pain near the belly button/bladder area.

I think they did some shaving on my balls as it felt quite different. My right ball was swollen and it was bothering me as I thought the procedure was not at that area. Sigh.. I guess I gotta wait for a week to see how it goes.

Although I survived all of these, I seriously don't want anymore surgery and hospital stay. Seriously, God, just let me die straight next time :( Although honestly, I was more bothered about strangers seeing me naked and my oily butt thanks to a suppository that I thought I was soilimg myself than the post-surgery pain itself.

Because of this, I missed this year's Anime Festival Asia as well as the Standard Chartered Marathon. Haiz...

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