Sunday, December 21, 2014

2 weeks after surgery

Good news first. I am now able to get up or lie down on the bed quite freely although there is a sensation in the stomach when doing so. Previously, there is no sensation when doing those. However, it is no longer pain that I feel so that is a lot of improvement. Sleeping on my sides and on my tummy is also possible now although there is still the sensation.

I did not mention previously but for the first week after the surgery, I kept waking up every 2-3 hours to pass urine. It made me kinda worried if the surgery caused some damage to my bladder or something. The funny thing was that it was always a full bladder. So let's say I sleep at 12, I will wake up at 3am to pass urine. Then I will wake up again at 6am to pass urine. It is very weird to keep having a full bladder because I don't drink any water at 3am. Before the surgery, I never get my sleep disrupted to pass urine. After 2 weeks, this problem occurs less frequently. I am not sure if it is back to normal yet though.

The bad news is the lump on my right scrotum is confirmed. Previously my scrotum was still swollen that I did not dare to jump into conclusions. Now the swelling is gone but the lump remains. Sigh... I am e-mailing the doctor and am waiting for his reply. I read a lot of "scary" stories on the internet on what that lump could possibly be. But what I am very worried is if that is a new hernia and I need another surgery :( I have not even recovered from this one.

I was very depressed when I realised that this lump would not disappear. As of now, I am more or less able to "accept it". After all, worrying will not help anything as well.

That's all for today before I roll down to an even more emo mood...

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