Saturday, November 22, 2014

Working and studying are tough. Constantly there are things to do and I find myself having not enough time to rest and do my usual time-wasting activities. Bleah.. I guess it helps a little bit that I like to study so studying is not that stressful to me. The stress from trying to memorise and getting the correct answers is bad enough. Haha... But honestly, one good thing that I have to work and study at the same time is that it makes me more disciplined with time management. I guess I have to slowly cut down and get rid of the times wasted for surfing internet and watching youtube videos.

I went home for about 4 days last week to attend a wedding from a distant cousin. His mom and my father are cousins. Come to think of it, it was quite weird that I was looking forward to his wedding. I am not too close to him. In fact, we only met twice: once in Singapore when he was looking for accomodation (we are of the same age by the way) and then once when I went back to Pontianak a few years back. Perhaps I was just longing for holiday so this wedding was a perfect excuse to go home for a short break and at the same time to meet some relatives.

Since April-November, there are about 60+ comics at home that I need to read. Lol.. I totally had no time to read them as I also had to juggle with my study materials. I shall see how December go.

This short break also makes me think that I should start dieting again. I used to buy meal replacement cereals to try to lose weight many years ago and it did not work. I was constantly feeling hungry but now I knew why. I was a poor student back then and instead of following the direction of 2 sachets per meal, I only used 1 to "save". Obviously with half of the energy, it made me constantly hungry. Now that I am working, Rp 15000 per 2 sachets (or less than <$2) to replace a meal seem worth trying. I still feel hungry but I don't know if that's my body is in the process of adapting back. As long as I don't fall sick, I guess I will keep on trying. Haha..

Changi Airport is having Disney-theme Christmas decoration this year. Yay!! Although I had yet to see anything even when I landed back on Monday. Haha.. After reaching home, I was welcomed with a letter from Golden Village. I got 2 free tickets from their September member draw. Whee.... I was thinking of watching Big Hero 6 on that day (overheard people talking about how funny it is at the airport). Since the free tickets have short expiry (in January), I decided to keep it for Big Hero 6. In the end I watched The Book of Life using the free tickets from the Maze Runner event.

I thought I was going to skip The Book of Life as I did not really like the animation style. But since the reviews are generally good, I decided to give it a try. Since this post is already too long, I will write a separate one on the movie. Lol..

On Tuesday, I tried to pangseh the dinner invitation for the dance team for the company's dinner & dance earlier this month. I already went home and it was already 1 hour after the supposed meeting time but I was "emotinally blackmailed" when I was still asked to come. Grrraaaah... I gave in and took a taxi there. Not a fan of Indian food but it was quite a good experience eating Indian buffet. I did not like most of the food except for the naan bread and the cheese soup thingy (can't remember what it is called).

Other than that, I guess I am back to my usual boring life.. Haha.. but today I took a break from studying to write this blog.

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