Monday, September 22, 2014


Aching legs
Painful butt
Burnt skin
Greasy fingers

Guess what did I do?
Sex on the beach is definitely not the answer. Haha... I went to cycle yesterday morning with a different group of friends. We cycled from ECP to Changi Beach and back. According to my friend's smartwatch, the total distance was about 25km. I guess that's another item crossed out from my bucket list.. Lol.. For a group of lazy bums like us, to do that was an achievement.

Things did not begin smoothly as a few of us complained of problems with our bikes. The gears did not work properly. The chain on my bike came off when I changed gears. Bleah.. We reached Changi Beach after cycling for 1 hour (including all the stops due to bike problems) and the distance was about 12.5km. We thought it was quite ridiculous considering one of our friends can complete a 10km run in just 50minutes. How could we cycle as fast as a human running?

Not sure if it was fatigue or the bike was really shit. The journey back was killing us, me especially. The chain came off another 2 times.. The bike did not seem to retaining speed which made me have to pedal continuously. Something was really not right with my bike as to keep on the same speed with my friends, I had to pedal more revolutions. In fact, I followed the pedalling speed of the people ahead of me and I realised that they were getting further.. Perhaps it was a karma for cursing those family bikes last week. My bike was actually moving as fast as those family bikes on the way back..

I am quite sure if I had an ok bike, it would not be this tiring and painful.. Bleah.. Now I am thinking twice about cycling at ECP... And I don't know how I am going to survive the 10km run this December T_T

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