Friday, August 15, 2014

Student's appreciation

As promised yesterday, today will be a happy post :) For the past 1 year+, I have become a preceptor for 9 attachment students. Although being a teacher is my desire and dream, most of my experience as a preceptor has been on the downside. And thus, I am very happy to share that I finally get a student who really appreciated me.

So what do I mean by appreciation? When I was a student in the past, I showed my appreciation to the teachers that I like/love by taking a picture as a memento and giving them small gift and personalised thank you cards. This particular student asked me to take a picture at the last day of her attachment T_T Yes, just that I was simply touched because it was my first time. Haha.. Unfortunately, I did not see that coming and I had not had my haircut. Yes, I looked terribly fugly in the photo.

Yesterday one colleague told me that the student dedicated a message to me on her Instagram. My very first thought was "Is it for the teachers' day dedication thingy which was sent by the company?". Of course, I pretended not to be too disturbed or excited about it. I don't have Instagram (and am not planning to have one) so I just tried my luck googling her name + Instagram. And oh my God, I could find her account! Lol.. Well, I take this a personalised Thank You card for me and for that, I am very happy.

This post shall be dedicated for my preceptor at --------- for the past 3weeks. i thank you for your guidance 😊 You are definitely someone who's WAP is at its highest; teaching us all the important skills which we could not learn it in school; taking the extra mile to make sure we understand what have been gone through by the PTs to us, and explaining what we have missed out; giving us extra homeworks which you think it is related for our dispensing skills; and many many more. Im lucky to have you as my preceptor, as i definitely did learn alot from you. For now, the weird aura and the stress you always give me unknowingly shall be missed, till we meet again. 😊

Note that I removed the place of attachment with ------- to prevent myself from being identified. Haha...

Students come in many sizes, shapes, personalities, and levels of intelligence. I treat them all the same and my aim is always to make them friends for life, instead of just preceptor-student for the xxx weeks of their attachment. Sadly, no matter how much I try, ultimately it depends on the kind of student that I get.

Anyway this year's polytechnic students have been much better than last year's. The first pair in April was very good too but I am not their preceptor. I only brought them around for orientation of the place on the first day but because they are so lovely, at the end of their attachment, they also took pictures with everyone. 2 weeks ago, they even came back and gave us something from their school trip to US. Wow!

Today the Catholic Church celebrates the Solemnity of the Assumption of Our Lady which is a holy day of obligation. Despite falling asleep on the bus, it was indeed a miracle that I was not even feeling sleepy throughout the mass. Yay! And when we are talking about Mother Mary, we can never escape from the following wonderful song:

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