Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Art of Disney Theme Parks: Peter Pan 60th Anniversary

I honestly don't know the official name of this statue so I assume that whatever is printed on its base is its official name. However, a lot of shops are listing this item as Disney's Peter Pan and Tinker Bell 60th Anniversary Medium Big Fig or Statue. I think that the word 'medium' does not reflect the size of this statue. Haha.. As the name suggests, this statue was produced in 2013 to commemorate 60 years after the release of Peter Pan by Walt Disney. It is a Disney Theme Parks exclusive item although strangely, I did not see this around when I went to Paris Disneyland last year and I never saw this in Disney Online Stores.

Not sure how much it originally cost but I got it from eBay for USD 129.95 and thanks to eBay Global Shipping Programme, international shipping only cost USD 35.86 which is cheap considering the size as well as the use of FedEx. The packaging box measures 34cm (L) x 35cm (W) x 52cm (H) and the official size of the statue is listed as 15" (H) x 9" (W) x 9" (D) or basically a diameter of 9" and a height of 15". Using my ruler, the statue stands at about 40cm tall. Peter Pan is 30cm tall while Tinker Bell is about 5cm tall. The artist behind this masterpiece is Costa Alavezos.

To be honest, I don't know what to expect as this is my first ever resin figurine made by a Western company. It looks great on photos and the price is much more reasonable. There is no way a resin figurine of this size will be so cheap if it is made by a Japanese company. Even 1/8 PVC figurines nowadays can cost USD 100 or more.. What's more: it is a Disney-related product which can be very expensive if the license holder wants to make it expensive.

Apparently price is correlated to the quality. When viewed in general, this is an awesome statue. The colours are vibrant (although there is minimal shading and gradation of colours) and the details are fantastic. I have to applaud the way they depict Tinker Bell's pixie dust to depict her flying. It looks sleek and natural with the overall statue. However, the paint job is downright terrible. When you look at the small grooves and crevices, it really feels like the statue is painted by some school-going kid who just wanna get the painting done as soon as possible and can't be bothered about the grade.

Enough of words.. Let's see the pictures now :)
The plan and cheapo packaging box
This sticker is the only decoration on the packaging box :(
360 degree overview
Face is good.. but look at the shoddy paint job between his clothes and his chest/arms as well as his hair and his face
Just a different lighting
Tinker Bell with terrible make up.. But considering that her face is only about 1cm, I guess this is the best that they can do
Her wing is worse-looking than the pixie dust effect!
Love the glitter effect which gives a magical vibe.. Not meant to be a butt shot.. Haha.. 
Terrible fingers :(
Another bad paint job near the ear, on the pan pipe, and a chipping on his chest
I honestly don't know why I took photo of his crotch..
Look at that crappy shoes
Love the base but it will be much better with some shading
Hmm.. I prefer to have the leaf branches painted brown instead of green
The rock is well-sculpted but the colour is not convincing as a rock
The base
Considering the price, I guess it will not be fair for me to complain so much about the statue. Overall, I love the statue. Perhaps I am a bit biased because green is my favourite colour so seeing so much green in this statue makes me very happy. For people who hate green, the lack of shading can make this look rather 'sickening'. Haha.. But hey, we hardly have Disney's figurines at this scale so this is definitely something that I am proud to own.

In fact, I am looking for 20th Anniversary of Aladdin.. for reasonable price of course!

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