Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Mid-year resolutions

Welcome to July which basically means we are halfway through 2014! Wow.. Time does fly indeed.. I am feeling very tired recently and that contributes to my somewhat emo feeling. June was crazy and I still have a lot of things to for July too T_T In the midst of all the busy-ness, realising that half of 2014 is gone made me look back at the 2014 new year resolutions and assess how far I am from fulfilling them.

Money is the root of all evil so let's start with that. Realising how much I spent on toys was a huge shock. The amount I spent was almost the same as the amount I saved. That basically means if I cut down massively on toys, my savings would double T_T Honestly, perhaps I am addicted.. Everyday without fail I will check eBay, Yahoo! Japan, toy shops to actually look for things that I may be interested in buying.. Sigh.. Another part of me feels that it is buying happiness although that is only an excuse. In the end, after seeing how much I spend on toys and how cluttered my room is, toys are making me more depressed. Sadly, I am nowhere near to what I set out to do 6 months earlier. I bought too many things to the point that I simply had no time to catch up with the pictures.

I am vain so my acne trouble provided the much needed force to watch out on my food and that indirectly should help me to lose weight. I am amazed that I managed to avoid fast food, potato chips, instant noodles, and bubble tea for several months! Unfortunately, my acne is not exactly food related as avoiding these still did not improve my condition. After going to a dermatologist and following the "skin care" technique, my acne improved and that began my relapse to the unhealthy food habits. Perhaps after many months of abstinence, it is payback time! Thanks to World Cup, KFC's Cristiano Ronaldo water bottle was the first relapse. After that, I had 3 McD meals within a span of 1 week! I simply could not resist the temptation when my colleagues asked if I wanted to order in McD on the days when we had to lunch in for some lunch talks.

After moving to the new place, my exercising also stops. Coupled with the crap eating habit, that makes me gain weight obviously. I tried to do this 30-day abs challenge that my friend recommended and I gave up within a week because of my inability to do proper leg raise, together with tiredness and laziness.
Let's skip the playing computer part as that is the only form of entertainment I have.

I also fail in the spiritual revival part. In fact, I skipped Sunday masses from March/April up to sometime in June. It was only a few weeks back that I started to attend Sunday mass regularly again but it is still difficult for me to restart my habit of night prayer, daily rosary, and daily readings..

It has been 2 days since I decided to take another attempt to fulfill my new year resolutions as mid-year resolutions. So far no issues with toys at least until September as I paid for most of my pre-orders already.. Haha.. Not exactly a good thing but at least I will try to avoid making new purchases. Food is the most difficult part especially for bubble tea (blame it on the weather!) and potato chips! So far I am still holding myself but the temptations are always there every time I pass by a supermarket. The inclination for fast food is not there, thankfully. I guess the 3 McD meals in 1 week made me sick of fast food already haha..

And I don't wanna talk about the rest.. Haha.. I am hopeless..

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