Monday, June 23, 2014

It hurts...

You want a limited out-of-print item which was released a decade ago with a price tag of USD 395.
The common price of the item in the secondary market is above 1 grand.
In fact, a few months back, there was 1 damaged and restored piece being sold for USD 700.
Then suddenly a seller appears and sell it for USD 925.
Will you buy it?

I did.. and I regretted it.. Sigh..
The seller did not ship outside US so I took the risk to get it through proxy. I was expecting the proxy to refuse my request as previously they refused my request to buy similar item which was deemed fragile although it cost only USD 120. It took about 2 days for them to process it and while waiting for the "Yes" or "No", my gut feeling told me that perhaps I should just cancel it. Guess what.. they approved my request.

While waiting for the transit of the item, another item was put up on auction starting from USD 1 and the seller was willing to ship overseas. I honestly was praying that item would arrive broken at the proxy warehouse so I can get a refund and to get from this auction. Obviously, that did not happen. And to make matters worse, another 2 appeared over the weekend starting with USD 1 too T_T

The first item ended this morning at USD 660. With shipping costing almost the same, I basically overspent close to USD 350 needlessly :'( I even hoped that my item arrived broken to me this evening and again it did not happen.

Seriously.. it hurts.. I could get another 1 or 2 items with the difference. Fuck, man!

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