Sunday, June 15, 2014

Flying Dutchman

World Cup 2014 has begun. I am quite distanced from soccer news nowadays, especially after Manchester United screwed up their English Premier League latest campaign. In fact, the only thing that caught my interest to read news on the opening ceremony is Jennifer Lopez-lookalike who sang with Jennifer Lopez for the opening ceremony. Her name is Claudia Leitte and she is a Brazillian pop-singer. No idea why she looks so alike to J Lo in the opening ceremony. Haha.. Anyway the official song for World Cup 2014 sucks so I am not embedding the video here.
J. Lo is the one in green.
The hottest news about World Cup now is about The Netherlands demolishing Spain 5-1 and of course the star of the game: Robin van Persie with his beautiful and unbelievable header. Epic goal, goal of the century, the best goal of this World Cup, wonder goal, Flying Dutchman, and I don't know what other things people will be calling this goal. It also has become the latest viral meme sensation of internet. With Louis van Gaal as the new boss of Manchester United, I hope Man U will return to her glorious days in the upcoming EPL.
I am sure there are better quality gifs out there which I am unable find T_T
Just one of the meme

KFC Singapore is bringing back Double Down burger starring Cristiano Ronaldo to celebrate this World Cup. I am not too interested as I tried it previously.. but wait.. the promotion is not only on the box with CR7's picture. There is actually CR7 water bottles too! I shall see if there is something special with water bottle like his signature or something. If there is nothing special, then I guess I should just get the red/black version.. Wait.. the red/white version looks nice too... and the green/yellow has green.. Aaarghh!!! I am not exactly a fan of him but oh well, it's World Cup fever now!!

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