Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sucker's luck

G.E.M Magi Aladdin
I had been planning to get this cute boy since last December. I did not expect that the anime/manga is that popular and I was waiting for it to be put on sale. Months came and went before it finally went sold out o_0 I could have gotten it for $98 from ToyCoin but in the end, I had no choice but to fork out $120 from La Tendo. Overpriced, I know, but I have no other choice since after checking so many shops, there is no other shop selling this.

Coincidentally, the price is exactly the minimum amount required for a lucky draw and lucky dip chance at Funan IT mall to celebrate X-men Days of Future Past. The top prize for the lucky draw is Magneto's helmet worth $1000!! Okay let's not dream about it and talk about the lucky dip instead. I won a handphone case for.. iPhone 5! Yes.. well done.. It is essentially useless for me :( Wait.. don't say I am ungrateful as I at least already won something. It was a sure win lucky dip so definitely I will at least get something. I was aiming for the t-shirt, the cap, the sunglass, or the keychain.. At least these things are wear-able for me. I could have gotten a note book or a file, which is considered lousier than an iPhone case, which at least will be useful. I am aware that I always have a sucker's luck for this sort of lucky draws but I can't help but feel disappointed :(

The case itself is also ugly looking.. Aiya I don't know la.. I am putting it up on eBay for $20.. I hope there is some hardcore X-men fan that wants to get it before the movie is out lor.. If I can sell it for $20, at least it can help me to cover the Aladdin figurine.
Nendoroid 351 Kuze Hibiki
Moving on to the next cute boy: Hibiki Kuze Nendoroid. I have no idea who the heck he is.. Nor have I heard the series he comes from. I am not a fan of Nendoroid too. So why the heck did I buy him? Lol.. The tiger. Lol. I like pet! I thought he would be a great companion for Nendoroid 400 Sakura Kinomoto, which I am contemplating to get, that comes with Kero and for Nendoroid  418 Aoba, which I already pre-ordered, that will come with a dog. Again, I actually have no idea who this Aoba is. Haha.. Ironically, I am reluctant to get Sakura and Kero although I know them from watching the anime and reading the manga. I think Nendoroid is just for fun that I don't mind getting those characters which I don't know just because they are looking cute. For characters that I know and like like Sakura, I prefer to have a nice scaled figurine instead of a super-deformed chibi-style Nendoroid.
Nendoroid 400 Sakura Kinomoto
Nendoroid 418 Aoba
I bought this nendoroid from Rapid Culture. Guess what.. when I went home and check their facebook page, they had a 15% off if customers flash that announcement! Seriously holy molly mother of shit!! Damn it! I did not ask for a receipt because I thought there would not be any need of it. But when I went for the X-men lucky draw, the person also registered me for CapitaStar which allows me to earn points for every $20 purchase. Because I did not ask for that receipt, I lost $40 worth of points lor.. Sian..

I, too, had two occasions of good luck for the past 2 days. Of course these are small as compared to the shit luck I described above. Yesterday the nurse who helped me with the blood donation asked me if I was hungry. I had not had my dinner so I told her I was very hungry. It was not a small talk as she then gave me 2 meal vouchers instead of 1!! Haha.. Yea.. so no need to buy dinner again..

Yesterday I passed Costa Coffee but decided not to have it because it was already 830pm. I took a glance of their new menu on promotion: mango banana crumble.. Yum yum... Previously I had their apple crumble which I thought was pretty good. After my dental check-up today, I just went to Costa Coffee at The Heeren. It was 5 minutes before 11am so I still got a free upsize of my drink (well it only worth 50 cents anyway) and the cashier gave me a coupon for a small free drink. Yaaay!! Haha..

Anyway since I mentioned about blood donation earlier, it does not hurt to testify that the tagline "Give blood, give life" is not just a gimmick. Despite having a good night rest, I am feeling lethargy throughout today. Yes, even that coffee in the morning did not quite help. Haha.. So yea, it does feel like my life energy was sapped away and I need time to replenish it.. Lol..

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