Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Happy birthday, ui!

Happy Vesak Day! It is past 6 pm now and there will no more public holiday for the coming 2 months T_T and for sure I made the best use of it by sleeping at 5am this morning. Lol.. I watched the latest episode of The Amazing Race and I can't wait for the finale next week. Still feeling irritated that Brenchel did not get eliminated but I guess that served the Afghanimals right for not U-turning them last week! There was a footage from previous season when Jamal had to sing in German as one challenge. I was looking for that episode since I thought it would be quite interesting to see these people butcher the song. Haha.. I had to torrent it as it is no longer available on youtube.
Just a sneak peek. Anyway the song is Die Forelle composed by Schubert

Watching The Amazing Race always makes me wanna go travelling.. The pit stop for the above episode was The Gloriette of Schonbrunn Palace. Aaah.. it always feels good to see the places that you have visited before in TV. Haha.. It makes you appreciate the show more. I can imagine how tiring it will be to run from the maze to the pitstop.. Luckily for the teams, the pitstop was not exactly at the top of the Gloriette.

The heat is killing me even right here. Can't imagine to have another trip to Europe during summer this year.. I wish to travel somewhere nearer.. preferably with my family. I am always envious when I see other families can go for a family trip. My family members are a bunch of selfish people :( Can't we just have a relaxing holiday without the need to "chiong" visiting so many places in a short time (my dad) or the need of constantly finding places to shop (my mom and my younger sister) or to be more tolerant and less sulky (my elder sister). What a dysfunctional family.. My parents are getting older and with each year passing, it is another chance of a family trip lost :(

Anyway public holiday is a bad time to go out. Since last evening, I had this craving for eating pasta. I was planning to eat at Ambush at Junction 8 but it was crowded even at 330pm. So was the food court, as well as Popeye's at ION, and I ended up at Ambush at Takashimaya again. After that I wanted to use my free drinks voucher at Costa coffee and surprisingly both the Heeren and Plaza Singapura branches were full. Bleah.. They are never these crowded on the weekdays evenings wor.. I wanted to use the voucher and had a cake to celebrate ui's 21st birthday. Who the heck is this ui? Ui is actually my rabbit plushie back in Jakarta. She (yes it is a she) has a special place in my family for the past 21 years. Very sad to see her getting worse with age and still single.. When we were kids, we saw her soulmate (basically same plushie wearing blue so we take it as the male version) but my parents refused to buy him for us :( It was only Rp 13000. If I see it again now, even if it is for Rp 130000, I will still buy it lor :( Parents don't be ridiculous. Who says boys cannot play with soft toys? Be careful that because you don't fulfill their childhood desire to play and they will still keep looking for soft toys right into their adulthood wor...
Ui in 2008
Ui in 2011
The lousy quality for the 2011 picture is not because of my handphone camera. The picture was taken when the sky was dark and going to rain. Haha.. Looks like she always takes a photo every 3 years. Time to take one for 2014. Haha.. Even with Hamtaro, Nodame's mongoose, Kurokocchi, Tetsuya ni-gou, Squirrel, Polar Bear, Aladdin, Jasmine, and Peter Pan with me here in Singapore, my love is still the biggest for you, my ui!!

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