Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Pheew... I am overburnt from 'chiong'-ing the latest season of The Amazing Race. The last one I watched was episode 4 and the most recent one is the 10th. That's 6 episodes in 2 days. Haha.. Still feel kinda groggy today. Despite being an "All-Star" edition, I honestly find this season very boring. Most of the teams are very boring to watch, especially at this stage when the more "fun-to-watch" teams like the twinnies (I love their banters), the Youtube pairs (I find Joey can be irritating but Meghan is very sweet.. and they are very lovely together even when things are going bad for them), and Margie-Luke (the forever patient and encouraging mother with Luke who never uses his disability to play the 'sympathy' card) had been eliminated. I am rooting for Dave-Connor so I am glad that they are still in the competition.

The one that I really hope to be out is Brenchel (Brendon-Rachel). I just hate "kiasu" teams haha.. I know some people dislike Dave for being so bitchy about being U-turned by Brenchel and while he himself U-turn others. It was a poor decision for Dave-Connor to use their U-turn as they would have the chance to take revenge in Spain. But still, I could understand their emotion on why they wanted to U-turn somebody else at that point of time. Weirdly enough, they still gentlemanly informed and helped the Leo and Jamal that they U-turned. Like that, what's the point of using the U-turn sia?? I dislike Caroline & Jennifer even from season 22 but at this point of time, I have to say that they are very lucky despite their "mediocrity". They are just being nice and friendly and that's about it. Haha.. But hey, they finished 4th in their previous season and for this season, they escaped elimination 2x. Luck is a force to be reckoned with.

My finance is really in shambles. With all the insurance that I purchased and decided to pay annually, my bank account for daily expenses is literally wiped out to zero! In fact, I did not have enough money there to pay my credit card bills for the insurance premiums.. Sigh.. No choice but to transfer out some funds from my "deposit only" account :'(

My monthly accounting is also in a mess since March. A few things that I bought arrived damaged so the process of getting refunds or having to return the items to get replacement etc are taking time and makes my accounting very confusing. Sigh.. I will have to force myself to do it tonight. I guess I will also be shocked with how much I spent on toys.. Haiz..

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