Friday, April 11, 2014

Honesty and Integrity

Seriously, how low can people be? Yesterday I had another bad customer service experience. This woman suddenly appeared and hurled verbal abuse to my staff calling her lying and deceiving about expiry dates of the items. She claimed that staff lied to her that all the items had the same expiry dates bla bla bla.. According to my staff, she did not even check for the expiry dates! She was asked and what she did was to put on all the items for the woman to check herself.

Exchanging for the items was not an issue for me. Apparently, it was not the main issue for this woman too. Ultimately what she wanted was for me agreeing with her about my staff lying and deceiving her. I told her nicely that I was not there when the 2 of them talked earlier so I was not able to say whether she lied or not. I just told her what my staff told me. Guess what? The woman turned nasty at me. She said my liar staff even lied to me and she was so upset that I was siding with my staff! Told her again that I was not siding with anyone because I was not even there in the first place. That was the last words that I said as after that she continued with her dramatic monologue berating me. Unable to get me to agree with her story, she even called another colleague of mine trying to get her to believe her story by complaining about the staff lying to her, staff lying to me, and for me believing the lying staff.

Will she complain? Likely. Do I care? I don't really care. This time, I am confident to say that I was not in the wrong. Even if the same scenario is repeated, there is nothing that I would change. The easier way for me is to agree with the crazy woman and blame my staff. However, honesty, integrity, and pride stopped me from stooping so low! Despite her losing herself, I still did not say any apology because I was not being rude and I did not do anything wrong. Yep.. my self-worth is more important than KPIs whatsoever.

Come to think of it, even if I agreed with her, I believed the conversation would be steered towards what I would do towards the staff she called lying and deceiving. That would be worse for me. When you are fated to have a bad day, you will just have it. Haha.. I guess it will not matter as in the end she will still have something to complain. Not sure if I made it worse from 1 person to 2 now?? Haha...

Do I regret standing up for my staff? No. After that, I watched the CCTV. I am not going to care about the verbal accounts as I was not there and anybody can create their own story. But the recording showed that my staff showed all the items to the woman for her to check the expiry with her own eyes. For the 5 problematic items, my staff did not even look at the expiry dates as she was busy pasting label on the boxes. The woman actually only took a look at the box nearest to her. Now I know who is the actual liar..

Honestly it was quite embarrassing (perhaps humiliating is a more suitable word) for me but I have to admit that I lost to the woman. She clearly mastered the arts of creating a scene in public. Not only she spoke loudly, she took no "break" in between, not allowing me to even launch any return salvo.. What made me really happy was that today, another staff said good job to me for standing up for my colleague.. A~~~ah... Haha.. 

Honestly is a value that I think very important and there is no way I am going to betray that. It just irks me when someone lies.. and for this woman, not only she lied, she accused others of lying too! Not sure ultimately if she is going to write in but if she does and my boss takes it as something bad for my side, it will be my turn to "stand up" for my staff even against my boss.

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