Friday, March 14, 2014

Ban jia

Finally it was time to bid farewell to my 'atas' life for the past 2 years. I am back to HDB now :( Sian.. Adapting to a new place will take quite some time but I can't help from feeling emo and claustrophobic in this tiny room. It will take me a few weeks to unpack my things back to normal. Sigh..

The lift upgrading work is very irritating. They are drilling right below my unit and my unit is only on the second floor. Not only the noise, I can even feel the vibration. During the initial unpacking, all of these really got on my nerves. I could not sleep or rest even if I wanted to. Can't imagine what will happen when I am sick and need rest. I guess fake MC is out of the question until the upgrading work is completed. Oh back to the stupid vibration. Thanks to the vibration, I guess I have to KIV displaying back my resin figurines. I am worried that with all the vibration, it is a matter of time before they crack. Better leave them inside the styrofoam case to cushion the vibration. I don't even feel confident displaying those made of PVC as the vibrations may cause the figurines to slowly "move" and perhaps fall from the display unit. Sigh.. Sian life lo..

This week should have been a good one since I was away from work for the past 4 days for an ACC course at SGH. Yay!! It has been very tiring to wake up earlier and reaching home later and still have to pack my things. I am so happy that yesterday my friend who lived at the neighbouring road was free to help me move some of my fragile items. She said she wanted to see my pink room too. Haha..

Anyway the course was quite an eye opener for me. On one side, I find that hospital setting is much more exciting. You get to think and use/apply your knowledge for different cases. In the polyclinic, things tend to be more stable and the knowledge which has been acquired but not practised will soon disappear from memory. At the end of the day, I guess what matters the most to me is work-life balance so I am glad with where I am right now. No politics, relatively better rapport with the other healthcare professionals, no OT, etc.

I went back to office today although I took leave for my house moving. My appraisal form had to be completed by Sunday and I really will not have time to do it if not today. Just 4 days away from office but it felt like a long holiday. I actually forgot the pass key to enter the pharmacy! Lmao... One tick off my to-do-list in exchange for the monthly error report to do. Bleah..

I better rest tonight as I have to work tomorrow morning. I hope I am not too tired to wake up on time and arrive on time for work too.

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