Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Bleah.. I am very irritated when I come across an eBay listing of Final Fantasy VIII Rinoa & Siren statue by Kotobukiya. The seller stole my pictures but dared to claim "Real item. Sell as it is" under the item description. What a fraud!

Sometimes I come across nice pictures and I like to save them on my computer for viewing or to post it on my blog to accompany related posts. I hate pictures which are watermarked as they just ruin the viewing pleasure. Thus I decide not to do anything to my pictures although I am aware that everyone can just take them without my permission. Gosh.. now I understand those people who watermark their pictures! I don't expect people to credit me from using my pictures etc. But the least that they can do is to ask permission of they can use my pictures. That is basic courtesy. It is not as if I am going to say no anyways. However, I am absolutely disgusted with people mis-using my pictures for their personal gain. I am fine if they just would like to take the images to post it on forums for information etc. But to put it as an eBay listing and claiming that they are selling what being pictured... that is really too much!

Anyways, I am just ranting. I am not planning to change how I do things. Before I buy the old toys, it is almost impossible to get more information or more pictures of the actual item (not the official pictures from the manufacturer) even from google. The reason for me "showing off" my collections is merely to provide people with more information and pictures which I cannot find in the first place. That is why I don't bother editing, resizing, or watermarking my pictures.

Oh well, perhaps it is karma for me who usually takes people's images and posting them on my blog. Haha..
I just would like to say something: I am not selling all the items that I have taken a lot of pictures, written a great length about them, and boasted here! In the future, if I plan to sell any of them, I will definitely share it here. So for the people who have been cheated by unscrupulous sellers (i.e used my pictures when their actual item condiiton may be shitty), do not blame me for letting these people steal my pictures. 

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