Monday, December 16, 2013


I was so dead tired last week that I did not even have the energy to post on special days like 11.12.13 or 13.12.13 (Friday the 13th!). I was tired not only because of working opening shift but also because I went home over this weekend. I never like the idea to go home for a short holiday but this time I really could not help it as I really needed to bring home some of my things to prepare for my moving in a few months time.

It was a huge mistake to go home over a weekend. Jakarta is just getting worse day by day. With overcrowded Soekarno-Hatta airport and rain, my flight on Friday was slightly delayed. I survived a flight on Friday the 13th was indeed something :p I finished everything at 2230 and I reached home only at 1230am! Crazy!! I slept perhaps at 2am and woke up early the following day. My sister wanted to eat Japanese food so we had that for lunch and I could not find a good phone number to keep. I managed to get a new plastic container to keep the toys that I brought back on Friday too.

I was so tired that I was knocked out last night. I did not know what time I woke up to switch off my light and resumed my sleep. This morning I could not sleep long because my father wanted to use Tony Roma voucher. I already had quite a bad throat which got even worse. I was feeling sick on the plane. I thought I was feverish but I think it was just headache. Bleah.. I am a weakling. Knocked out just from a weekend trip home so I can forget my impossible dream of commuting JKT-SGP daily for work with my private jet :( Haha..

Anyway I shall end this post with crazy things that people are willing to pay for toys. In the past 2 weeks, there were a lot of Final Fantasy limited edition stuff that I wanted. I only got 1 (which is Butz from Final Fantasy Chrome) and I thought that was already overpriced. Sigh.. Seriously, I can't imagine why people are so mad!

Let's start with Final Fantasy Chrome series. Oh, the prices are in Japanese Yen.
With box
Butz 8250
Lenna 5250
Cloud 15001
Aerith 9260
Sephiroth 25000
Squall 11511
Rinoa 10150
Zidane 10010
Garnet 11500
Boko 11250
Ultros 41500
Tonberry 8751
Cactuar 26000
Koyo Koyo 10150
Kappa 10900
Toad 8815

Without box
Cecil 14000
Rosa 9250
Mog 6000
Magic Pot 12010
Terra (I missed out her final price).
Locke 37833

It is the same Locke that I mentioned previously. I guess the seller made loss eh? Haha.. Anyway the week before the seller sold this, he tried to sell them as a set for like 600000.

I am only willing to pay 5000-6000 for each leh :( I don't think I will ever be able to complete this. I bit the bullet and bought Butz because I already had Lenna (here is the story on how I got hold of Lenna) so I got an FF V couple. Hehe.. And anyway, Butz has always been a special character for me because I was a noob when I played FF V and I changed his name to mine!! Haha.. I thought there was no official name for him because Butz sounds weird.

Moving on to another item: Final Fantasy VIII Moomba Mug. It is limited to 500 pieces and had Tetsuya Nomura's sketches of Rinoa and Squall as well as his signature. It was sold for 22500. I thought people were mad to pay such an amount for a mug!! Gosh :( As I googled the picture of the mug, I came across a blog and that person bought it a year ago for USD 700! OMGWTFBBQ!

There were 2 sets of auctions of Final Fantasy Cold Cast, 1 at eBay and 1 at Yahoo! Auction Japan. For the one at eBay, FF IV, FF VI, and FF VIII were sold as a set for USD 1800 while FF V was sold for USD 600!! Gosh.. I need the FF IV and FF VIII desperately and the seller initially said he was not breaking the set. I was so angry when I saw him breaking it up. Damn you!

At Yahoo! Auction Japan,
FF IV (damaged) 87505
FF V 26510
FF VI 35500
FF VIII (damaged) 93750

I thought someone was crazy to pay 91500 for a set of FF IV, FF V, and FF VI a few weeks back. After seeing how a crazy guy is willing to pay 87505 for a damaged one, the 91500 for an undamaged set was a good steal!!

I am very sad that I did not get them but at least I learn the typical price ranges for these items.. In case I wanted to buy them in the future..

Oh ya, I almost forgot of another Chrome figures of Terra and Lock which were sold for 21510 and 10500 respectively! They also come with the boxes.

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