Sunday, November 17, 2013

Kaito Kid by Sega

I have been wanting to get Kaito Kid prize figurine from Sega but I keep delaying it. On one side, there is no Detective Conan scaled figurine so far and on the other side, I am worried that I will be disappointed with the quality of the figurine.

Moving on to the item itself, the box design is gorgeous and I really like the cards and the KID everywhere, including the 1412 at the bottom. That really suits his gregarious personality in the manga. It seems rather bulky at 18cm (L) x 15cm (W) x 24cm (H) for a prize figurine but after seeing the content, it is well packed and really make a good use of available space.
Front view of the box
 The side views of the box
Back view of the packaging box
Top flap of the box
Bottom of the box. 1412 is Kid's code name.
The head is separated to save space. The cape (not seen here) is at the back of the white plastic prison thingy to further save space. There is one space near Kaito's right shoulder which is empty. Not sure if there should be something there but missing :(
The sculpt, especially his face, and the pose is fantastic. He will look even better if his face angle is not that low. The monocle is a nice touch but I prefer if the long thingy is made up of a bend-able PVC. The cape really works in giving a feeling of grandeur to this figurine. In the manga and anime, it is common for Kid to be in high places before flies away from the scene with his gondola. So his cape being blown by the wind is something essential to his character and great to see that the figurine nicely captures the essence. Kid stands at 23cm (including the 1cm thick base). With the cape, he is about 20cm-wide (from left to right) and 15cm-wide (from front to back). That is a lot of space but he looks cool with his cape on so I am fine with that.
Great sculpt! But from near he looks rather angry here.
 He looks cool even without the cape

 But he simply looks awesome with the cape

Side view
Great details on the creases of his pants and how his pants are separated from the shoes! Woohoo..
Moving to the negative part: his paint job and his discolouration. I am not gonna complain about less-than-perfect paint job considering it is a prize figurine. However, I find the discolouration as highly unacceptable. The top of his hat is yellowish and many parts of his cape also appear yellowish. No, it is not because of my poor camera quality! Not sure how he even has a pinkish discolouration on his fist. Bleah.. 
Scratch mark on his hat!
Yellowish top of the hat and uneven edges
Yellowish tinge on various parts of the cape
Uneven edges again! Jeez..
Pinkish tinge on his fist
Overall, he is absolutely fantastic for a prize figurine. However, I personally am disappointed because of the discoloration on his cape. If his tuxedo is unblemished white, I will absolutely love this figurine. With the cards as the design on the box, it is unfortunate that Kid is not holding cards or something like that. And instead of having 1412 on the base, it will be more awesome if Sega incorporates Kid's cartoon signature on the base.
Kid's signature

By the way, there are 2 more versions: pearl coating version and dove version. Pearl coating version is exactly the same as the regular version which I own, except for the shinier appearance. I wonder if it actually gets rid the discoloration issue. The dove version is basically Kid holding a dove on his left hand instead of his cape. I am not sure whether the dove is cooler or the huge movement of the cape is better.
The dove version

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