Sunday, November 24, 2013

1 month quickly passed and it is time for my aunt to return for her knee follow up. Her voice and her face give enough answers to whether everything is okay. I am glad that things are going well for her and there is no regret. I knew she was worried whether to go for the surgery or not and I know my dad and my uncle are not supportive of her surgery. Now she can walk (although not 100% back to normal yet) and she no longer complains of any pain at the back while walking so I am sure surgery was the correct decision.

She is accompanied by my cousin and my distant cousin. The distant cousin is the grandchild of my grandmother's sister and I never know her before. Haha.. I can easily say grandaunt but I don't even know my grandaunt so yeah, grandmother's sister is the correct word. Of course I am pretty tired and fat these days for accompanying my aunt to eat and eat and eat. They will leave Singapore on Tuesday so tomorrow will be the last night that I have to go out.

On Thursday, we had dinner at Lao Beijing restaurant at Plaza Singapura. Hmm.. I am not too keen for something so cheenah but I have to admit that the food was not too bad. On Friday, dinner was at Cantonese Restaurant at Chinatown which was also pretty good. Today, we had lunch at Liang Court and then I took 2 hour nap at the hotel. Haha.. For dinner, my aunt chose that Lao Beijing restaurant again! Roarr!! Usually I hate to return to the same restaurant within such a short period, no matter how good the food is. However, since it was our 2nd meal, we had $50 off!! No joke!! That was quite a good surprise! The waitress told us that if we come back again soon and spend $200, we will get $100 off!! Haha.. No way I am coming back tomorrow. We could not even complete a $136 worth of food today, can't imagine how to eat $200 just to enjoy the $100 off.

I did not go out with them yesterday as I wanted to rest after work. Haha.. kinda lazy when my aunt and my godma asked me to mass together. Honestly, I am worse than a Sunday Catholic nowadays. The last time I went for mass was All Saint's Day. But today, after so many reminders from my godma, I decided to be a good boy and went for mass. I totally could not focus because it was so noisy and there was something wrong with the sound system that I could hardly hear anything read from the pulpit. Not to mention my deteriorating vision that I could see no words projected on the screen :( Sigh.. What a mistake..

Wait.. No.. Despite the regret and feeling of uselessness, I felt that today was a good day. I guess that is a miracle of the mass. No matter how unwilling, if you attend mass, you will definitely takeaway some blessings. Anyway, at the back of the church where I sat, there were quite a few people that attended the mass on their own too. Hmm.. I think it will be cool if there is a community for the loners/singles/people who attend mass alone. Perhaps I will have an additional drive to go.

Many things are not going right for me, especially with the prospect of moving house in 2-3 months time :( Thank God for Jetstar Hot Fare that I will be going home twice this December. I just bought a ticket for a trip home on the 13th-15th December. I know it was kinda lame to go back just for 2 nights but I wanted to start bringing home some of my toys. Haiz...

Ignorance is bliss. There is this Free! Illustration book which is exclusive to KyoAni shop. I decided to purchase it by special order from Japan and in total, it cost me about $93. Today, as we were queue-ing for lunch, I thought of checking Kinokuniya and I saw this book at only $70.20. Fuck! Kinokuniya Bugis is having a 20% sale and that means the book will only cost $56. I almost paid twice the price. I am very very sad.. I was in a dilemma as I had the thought that Kinokuniya might be bringing this in. My life is always like that. If I don't buy via special order, maybe Kinokuniya will not bring it in :( When I buy via special order, Kinokuniya will bring in and at a much cheaper price. Haiz..

I went to Bugis tonight wanting to buy the book with the ongoing sale only to find out that there was no stock. What a fucked up night :'( I know it is stupid to get 2 books but I can't help it.. I think of having one in Indo and one with me here.. Or perhaps in the future I can sell it at a higher price. Wishful thinking..

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