Sunday, October 6, 2013


My lunch today was sort of a continuation from dinner yesterday as I found myself asking the same question: how do other people can eat more than me but their bodies remain slim? I had my lunch at Menya Musashi today. It was my first meal there perhaps in more than 2 months. I chose to get something new in their menu: curry ramen as well as a promotional ala-carte side dish called Full Mineral Hijiki Tsukune. The curry ramen was not up to my expectation both in the amount and texture of the meat as well as the curry flavour. Hijiki tsukune is pork minced meat being fried and covered with tofu skin. The description sounds unique but after tasting it, there is nothing special. I find the egg peculiar as I am not sure whether it is meant to be eaten separately or to be mixed with the tsukune.
Full mineral hijiki tsukune.. picture is taken from Google search as I don't take pictures of food :p
Okay the thing I want to talk about is not about the food but the guy on the next table. He ordered Tsukemen with 4x ramen (480g of ramen alone) and an okonomiyaki!! Gosh.. Seeing his size which is comparable to me, I wonder how he could manage to finish that! I tried 2x ramen (240g) and it was like a punishment finishing it. Today I already felt full after half bowl of my single serving ramen (120g)!! Jealous.. I wanna be slim too :(

Well, there goes my weight-loss plan. I am very demoralised. In just a week, I failed to fulfil my promise of 3x night jogging. I only did once this week. Wanted to run tonight but I was too emo over toys. This morning, by chance, I saw an eBay seller selling Final Fantasy VIII Kotobukiya Transcendent Artist statues. $700 each for Selphie-Quistis-Leviathan and Zell-Irvine-Diablos. After exchanging offers, I was offered $625 and $630 respectively. You may wonder why I wanted to buy another pair when I already owned one.

Greed.. That's the answer. I bought Selphie-Quistis-Leviathan for USD 1225 (exclusive shipping) last year so that was almost price today. Really really sad :( Zell-Irvine-Diablos cost me somewhere near USD 850 but it was reimbursed in full due to damaged during shipping. Of course storage space is a concern. I even considered flying home in a few weeks time just to ship one of them home. Yep, I don't mind having 1 at home and 1 in Singapore.

To prevent myself from buying impulsely, I decided to have my lunch before making a decision. I decided to just get Selphie-Quistis-Leviathan because this was much more rare and $625 was really a good bargain. When I reached home, I did not get it.. Sigh.. The seller already sold it to someone for $600. He offered me $625 yet he accepted $600 from others!! Haiz.. Damn damn damn!! I sent a message that I wanted to get both statues, not either, and if I could not get both, I would not buy both. It is just my wishful thinking for the seller to cancel the $600 and just let me grab the thing for $625.

And as ridiculous as this sounds, my heart was pumping very hard in anger and shock when I saw that the item had been sold :( Because of that, I skipped mass. Totally no mood.. Another broken promise to start changing my life and attend mass religiously again. Oh well.. I know it was ridiculous for me to "blame" God for such a trivial thing.

That is my pathetic life so far. Day in day out only getting stressed over deciding whether to buy or not to buy certain toys. If I buy, I will be stressed over finding a storage space. If I don't buy, I will keep thinking about it for many months. Seriously, what's the purpose of my life!

People can be ridiculous when it comes to collectibles. I saw Locke (FF VI) Chrome figure being sold for 50300 Yen at Yahoo! Auction Japan? It is special because its serial number is 0001 out of 3000 being produced. For any item with limited release size, there is a general believe that the smaller numbers have better quality. And guess the original price of the item? 2400 Yen!! Yes.. it is worth 20x more at 13 years later. Haha..

Nope, I am not sad over this because I am still sane not to spend that huge amount of money for a small ugly figurine. I won't even pay the same amount for Squall or Rinoa number 0001 or 0888 haha.. I rather spent USD 600 for Selphie-Quistis-Leviathan statue :(

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