Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Harmony Kingdom Disney

I experienced withdrawal symptoms after returning from Disneyland Paris and I was trying my luck whether I could buy Aladdin statue which I saw at Disney Parks online. Well, I could not.. Getting Aladdin Capodimonte figurine is just a wishful thinking but I guess I was in a good luck when I saw another Aladdin figurine with the same title "Group Hug" as Capodimonte. This time, the figurine is from Harmony Kingdom and it features all the main characters!

Honestly I never come across Harmony Kingdom collectibles prior to this. Harmony Kingdom figurines are handmade of crushed marble and resin so they are usually more affordable than porcelain figurines although they are equally likely to break during shipping :p Harmony Kingdom figurines always have limited production number so they are sort of limited-edition items. They have one line dedicated for Disney figurines and the figurines also serve as treasure boxes as they always have detachable parts which reveal a small compartment to store your keepsakes. Putting functionality aside, inside these small compartments, there is always a little suprise-something related to the Disney cartoons that the figurines depict.

I purchased Aladdin without thinking twice about the price USD 124.99. The seller only shipped to USA and I took the risk of trying comgateway as my forwarder as I already banned vPOST. With first time discount and upgrade, the shipping cost me USD 24.32. comgateway ships via DHL and their service is awesome! My item arrived in less than a week -in fact it was even 3 days earlier than their projected delivery date-. There was nobody at home to receive the package so I just got the failed delivery notice after I returned from work. I called their hotline to arrange another delivery timing and I was pleasantly surprised that they even offered to deliver on weekends!! Wow.. The surprise did not end there. I guess the guy whom I called did not inform the courier about the weekend arrangement and the delivery guy made another delivery attempt at 930pm!! vPOST can seriously go and die..

Oops.. I digressed and talked about comgateway instead. Lol. Going back to Harmony Kingdom, after getting Aladdin, I saw another seller selling a lot of  6 figures: Lion King, Winnie the Pooh, Pinocchio, Snow White, Donald Duck, and Mickey-Minnie-Donald-Goofy-Pluto. I won the auction with USD 102.50 which was a very good deal. I was charged USD 20 for international shipping and I felt quite bad because I saw USD 60+ as postage fee that the seller actually paid. Unfortunately, this transaction was quite a sham! Items were described as new but they were not even their original packaging!! Zz.. They are still in their original boxes but the internal packaging was gone and replaced with just bubble wrap. As a result, some damaged occurred during shipping! Some items were damaged right from the start as I could not find any of the missing parts inside the box. For these things, I got a full refund so I basically I got these items for free. Am I suppose to feel happy for that?

Just teaser photos for today :) Not all packaging boxes are pictured because I only used the boxes to prop the figures up. I will post the pictures of each item on my subsequent posts in the coming days/weeks. Hehe.. 

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