Friday, July 12, 2013

vPOST = vomitbloodPOST

I have been using vPOST many times and have always been pleased. My latest experience, however, simply changed everything. Ultimately, vPOST is a subsidiary of SingPost and when problems arise, what I get is simply shitty customer service.

My latest shipment with vPOST contains 3 items. Each item containing 1 book: Young Avengers Present (paperback), Young Avengers Ultimate Collection (hard cover), and Sailormoon Art Book 5 (hard cover). All 3 arrived damaged and I am particularly upset because the last 2 items are rare and out of production. Not to mention that they are expensive too.

Here comes the horror story. Upon receiving the damaged item, I sent a feedback to claim for compensation. I only received reply after 2 weeks and after 2 separate feedbacks requesting an update on my case. My claim was rejected on the ground "insufficient packaging". Of course, I am not satisfied. Prior to this, I purchased several books from overseas be it via registered mail, EMS,, and Book Depository. These books arrived in perfect condition and they were packed in either cardboard envelope or padded envelope (envelope with bubble wrap in the inside). Thus I don't see why this time around vPOST regarded padded envelope and cardboard envelope as "insufficient". In addition, I asked them what, then, they regard as "sufficient packaging" just to ship a book.

I also pointed out about the state of the envelope upon arrival: bent into two in the middle (despite a big warning DO NOT BEND by the sender), gross folding and crumpling on all 4 corners, torn envelopes, and black dirt all over the envelope. To me, these are signs of poor handling and I can't accept that vPOST refused to see these sings of poor handling and simply blaming on "insufficient" packaging.

I explicitly stated twice that I wanted to know what constitutes "sufficient" packaging. The first reply totally ignored my question while the second reply stated "lets not go into details". Great, they are not going to explain their "insufficient" packaging and they are also unable to say what they expect as a "sufficient" packaging.

Initially, vPOST refused to look at the fact that even the envelopes arrived damaged. In the latest reply, they admitted that my items should had been handled more carefully. Great.. finally they admitted their mistake. So if it is their mistake, where the bloody hell is my compensation??

It is getting ridiculous when vPOST always changes their answers with each reply. One thing that remains constant is their avoidance to explain their stupid packaging sufficiency. Initially they offered 15% off for future shipping. Go eat shit! As if I will ever use their stupid service anymore. Then they increased the bar to refunding of the shipping fee (which is only about $32). Lastly, they upped the stake to shipping fee refund + 25% off for future shipping.

I am not gonna give in so quickly when I am not in the wrong. I spent close to $300 for my items and I would get a $30 compensation for their incompetency? No way!! Not sure whether I should go down to a post office to ask for alternative feedback channel as their email and phone service are just bullshit. Not sure if I should involve external party such as CASE. I wonder if that is useful. And the most drastic measure will be the use of media. Sigh.. I hope I can get my $300 peacefully.

Here are the pictures to show how shitty the envelopes look upon arrival:

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