Sunday, July 21, 2013

Lucky GSS!!

I am not someone who is usually lucky with lucky dips, lucky draws, etc. It seems that when I aim to win something, I will win nothing. It is my pleasure to share a good news today: I won a lucky draw! The lucky transaction is my purchase of Sailor Moon S.H Figuarts ^^ I am going to skip over the toys as my topic is the lucky draw. That transaction was selected for Great Singapore Sale lucky draw promotion by Standard Chartered. Being selected does not equate to winning so I am glad that I am lucky enough to get a prize. Hehe..

I was aiming for Apple TV or Samsung Galaxy S4 or the stay at Resorts World Sentosa. Even the "smallest" prize of $30 Starbucks voucher is also okay. I got the second lousiest prize: a pair of Golden Village Gold Class ticket. Sigh.. I am not a movie person so I thought this kinda wasted. In addition, I have nobody to watch movie together. Anyway, after I googled about this Gold Class thingy, I changed my mind. I think it is okay to get this prize as I will experience a movie experience that I will never pay with my own money. The cost per ticket is $29 so my prize is worth $58. That is roughly about how much I paid for the Sailor Moon figurine. Hehe..

The ticket will be sent sometime in August. I hope I don't need to use them together because that means I need to find a friend to accompany me. If I can use one by one, I will just be thick skin and watch movie alone for two times. Haha.. The next question is of course: what movie?

Small happy moment in the midst of my stressful packing time. Thank you, God!! I hope I can win more leh!! Haha.. But my subsequent transactions have never been selected for the lucky draw :( Lol..

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