Sunday, July 28, 2013

Free and Easy

Excessive planning screws up the travelling mood. My previous trip to Sydney, Seoul, and Bangkok was much more enjoyable because I just went free and easy. All accommodation and travel expenses had been paid for, all activities were already planned for, and no shopping plan was made. I just went with the flow and took care of passport. I did not bring a lot of money or tonnes of gadget so I was not so worried about pickpockets etc. Europe is kinda tricky because there is a lot of traveling between cities and countries, not to mention the vast difference of temperature and the notoriety of pickpockets. All the planning has been very irritating and I got very angsty with the packing. There has been hardly any change to my wardrobe since many years ago. It will be quite embarrassing to wear the same T-shirts from many years back although it will make it seem that I am forever young. I could bring some shirt but they look fugly and that is the reason why I never brought shirt for my previous trip. In the end, I simply can't be bothered anymore with packing: if I bring too many clothes, I will just throw there and if I don't have enough.

I am more excited with the fact that I don't need to work for the next 2 days than with the trip itself. Haha.. Had been sleeping for 5 hours each daily because the packing and the morning shift. Yesterday I concussed and slept throughout the plane journey. I was lucky that the seat next to me was empty. I put my bag at the other seat and I could extend my legs. I woke up feeling very tired and I am glad I managed to convince my parents to take plane and not overnight train in Europe. Can't imagine how tiring it will be.

I did not know what my sister did to my camera but it was not working as what I experienced when I tried it for the first time. Last week I tried using it when my whole room was darkened and the results were shockingly good despite the absence of any light. Yesterday, it only gave black screen sigh.. Tried to fiddle with it until 2AM to no avail. Sigh.. Went to Canon shop today to learn how to manually adjust but it was quite difficult to use. Yes the lighting without flash is okay but the image is always blur. I never get blur photos in auto mode!! I don't know how when my sister will be using it as even in auto mode, she is getting the sign that her hand is shaking. Haiz..

At the trip back home, a motorcycle crashed on to me. I nearly tripped but with God's grace, I did not fall and I did not break any thing. No bruises to my calf which was hit by the motorcycle's wheel too. Sigh.. My sister was scolding the driver although I did not think it made any difference since I was already hit. Bleah.. I just checked my calf to make sure nothing bled or broke and I moved on. Come to think of it, I can just get a police report and claim for my travel insurance actually. Anyway, still glad nothing was hurt.

I will be going to airport soon now :) I hope for a safe and exciting 2 week trip. I leave behind an office assignment but heck it. I only got the email 3 days before my trip, I simply have no time to think and brainstorm ideas. Haha.. Gonna be screwed upside down when I am back but well.. that's in another 2 weeks.

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