Saturday, July 20, 2013

Bought Galaxy Note 8 ^^

I am abnormal! Normal people get excited when they are going for a long holiday overseas. I feel the reverse. Just to the thought of it already makes me feel very tired. As the departure date looms closer, the reluctance just grows. I am lazy to make a list of what to bring and what to buy if something is still missing. I am lazy to dig out the clothes I want to bring. I am lazy to start packing. I am lazy to clear my work before I go for holiday. And the list of laziness is still long. Sigh.. My ideal holiday is just to relax on my own bed.. I don't mind travelling to a quiet nice resort, just to lie on the beach enjoying the sun, sea, and sand. I get tired with the thoughts of traversing 5 countries in 2 weeks: what to bring, what clothes to bring so that I always look good in pictures, which places of interest to visit, etc. I actually feel kinda excited to go to new places for the first time but at the same time, I am worried about my own safety. Listening to stories of pickpockets, robbery, shooting, etc surely does not help.

After digital camera, the next big thing to get is a tablet. I finally bought Galaxy Note 8 :) Wanted to get it on Thursday but guess what: someone fell down and caused my pharmacy ceiling to collapse! Since I was doing closing shift, I had to stay back for the repair. I did not mind since I can claim the extra hours anyway. Haha.. As Friday was the last day of promotion, I was highly pessimistic that I would still be able to get the Harvey Norman promotion. My luck was still with me and I made a reservation with Millenia Walk branch. Even after making a reservation, I was still thinking whether the promotion was worth it or not. In the end, I bought it as I did not want to think any more about it over the weekend. $788 for the tablet + $112 for 2 year additional insurance + $29 for screen protector. Haiz.. The freebies worth close to $200: Samsung pouch ($48), 9000mAh battery pack ($118), and the memory card (can't remember). I am feeling quite disappointed with the pouch as I actually prefer a book cover. Sigh.. Come to think of it, if I bought it at some unofficial shop, I would be paying about $640 for the tablet + $20 for the screen protector + $20 for third-party book cover + $20 for memory card. 

Honestly I would not buy a battery pack so that "free" battery pack is the one that made me reach the decision to just heck it and get from Harvey Norman. My Samsung Galaxy Note battery is already like shit after only about 1 year. I can't get myself to get an additional battery since I will be changing phone in 1 year time. Spending money for battery is always difficult for me. Anyway, lame shit reasoning. Do not want to buy battery but do not mind getting "forced to buy free battery pack". I don't know whether it was a good decision to buy the tablet since I don't know what I am going to use it for. I have not really played with it but I am quite impressed with the S-Pen when I tried it for a while yesterday.

Today I went out with my best friend since junior high school days in Indonesia. She finished her 1 year course in Beijing and is going back to Jakarta. She is on transit here for about 1 month because her sisters are here. It is always great to be able to meet an old friend after a looong time and we can still talk as if we just had a meeting on the day before. With our age, of course the topic of getting married will not be far. Haha..

Seriously, why do people associate a guy staying single as being gay? It is not that I am not interested in girls, I just want to date someone which I am sure that I will be marrying. Sounds very old-fashioned but that's me. I also still enjoy my freedom and I still love my money. These are my reasons for not being interested to be in a relationship yet. On top of that, I am extremely picky! I have a long list of inclusion and exclusion criteria for a girl. Anyway, now if a guy ever wonders if I am gay because I am still single, I will just reply "Oh so are you interested in me?". And if I am being questioned by a girl, I will reply "Can you bear my 4 children: 2 guys and 2 girls?". That's one of my criteria because my vision of an ideal family is to have 2 sons and 2 daughters. Lol.. Anyway, thanks to my friend who believes strongly that I am not gay. Lol.. Yes you have to be close enough to me to know my selfish reasons for staying single. Having said that, I am very open to a relationship. If anyone has a girl who can fits into my criteria, I don't mind getting introduced to her. Hehe.. And by the way, so far, all the girls that I think of "having potential" to be my soulmate are always taller and richer than me, and are always non-Catholics. Haiz.. When will I ever find that special one? T_T

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