Saturday, June 22, 2013

Oh hazzy day..

Oh hazzy day..
Oh hazzy hazzy day...

That's lame but the haze is just getting worse. Records are made to be broken and yesterday PSI hit 401 to create another highest in the history. Things were chaotic as the interest for masks even beat Hello Kitty craze. On Thursday night, the government did a press conference to mention that 9 million masks have been distributed. Reality was on Friday, even the suppliers were still unable to say when the stocks were coming. Up down left right centre we were scolded, screamed at, and abused. Seriously, if by screaming the stocks would come, we would join you in screaming too. And we were not playing Easter mask-hunt with you.. What's the point of hiding the masks only to get shouted at? Bleah.. By the time I reported for work, my retail staff was already on the verge of tearing of all the abuse and it was only 930am in the morning. And mind you, we, the workers, were not even given a mask!

In the afternoon, worse news came. It seems that all pharmacies were swarmed by public. It was decided that masks would be distributed to the retail chains first. Good reasoning because hospital and polyclinic pharmacies are not open on the weekends and with retail stores everywhere, it sorta helping on the accessability to the public. Reality check: people are expecting the reverse! That public institutions should get priority over private and profit-making pharmacies. Sigh.. I thank God that I was off today. Could not imagine how chaotic it would be.

Prior to this, despite all the chaos, I thought the government managed the crisis pretty well. But that press conference changed my opinion. It was like sabo-ing all healthcare workers in the nation by saying that masks were available when they were not available yet. And to be fair, I think this nation is full of pathetic and non-resilient people. They are so dependent on the government and all they can do is to criticise. In other countries, if there is any natural disaster, people have to take their own action. If they wait for government aid, they will die first. Imagine if a volcano erupts and you decide to run only after there is warning (if there is any) from government or imagine if you see the tsunami rises from the see and you still wait for government to issue "RUUUN!!", you will be the first to die.

The haze dissipated yesterday afternoon and I had high hope for a good weekend. After all, those who burn surely would like to enjoy weekend too. I was wrong. This morning was bad again but things returned to normal at about 2pm. Yay!! I believe it was God who blew the haze away. I was joking to my friend that I would not go out to attend mass tomorrow if the haze was so thick! Looks like God won't let His people skipped mass because of haze. Haha.. 

Anyway, I went out because Uniqlo put slim jeans on sale!! Yay.. I bought navy-coloured slim jeans. This is the first piece of clothing which I bought every since I started working 2 years ago. Lol.. And as much as I think how fat I have become, it was a surprise that I could still squeeze to number 31. That is the same size as my currently "tight" jeans. Haha.. 31 was tight on the groin but just nice on the legs. 32 was just nice on the groin but too loose on the legs. Nothing is perfect. I chose 32 in the end. Now I am waiting for the Chino pants to be put on sale! Hehe.. Love the green. And of course the $99.90 jacket too! Please have it on sale next week :)

Talking about fat, I have decided to forgo any potato chips and cafe until the day I return from my trip to Europe. That is still in August. Haha.. I don't want to look like a pig in the photos. I had fulfilled my cravings for Cheeton (on Thursday) and Spinelli (just now) so it is time to start this abstinence. Haha..

And lastly, pictures speak a thousand words. Rather than saying PSI this and PSI that, let the pictures do the talking.
Yesterday at 9am before I went to work
Today at 230pm when the PSI dropped to double digit
I think the burners will have a Sunday break and tomorrow will be fine. They will go again on Monday and I pray that bloody stock of masks better come in!

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