Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Real Sexy!

Sexy Zone released their fourth single on 1 May. The title is getting more and more bizzare: Real Sexy!/Bad Boys. It is supposed to be a double-A single but only Real Sexy is made into PV. Bad Boys is used as the soundtrack of Bad Boys J dorama staring Kento.

Real Sexy is a typical Sexy Zone song: simple, catchy tune, akward dance moves, with Shori saying "Real Sexy!" somewhere in the middle of the song. The video clip is interesting to watch although in reality, it is only a group of boys dancing in front of green screen.

I don't know what Johnny has in mind the latest development of this group is not too exciting. Looking at the CD jackets above, people will think this is a group of 3 with several background dancers or something. People are guessing that Marius and Sou have been "demoted" to the subgroup Sexy Boyz especially that lately the two of them are often excluded from performances in Shonen Club too. Some say that current arrangement is due to them being "too young" for the Bad Boys song.  Oh well.. I read a lot of people hate the covers etc but the single became another no. 1 single with sales much better than their 3rd single (Hello! Hello! Merry Christmas -> Obviously this is not the title). Lol.

The other song, Bad Boys, is just not my cup of tea. It is a typical coming-of-age song for teens who are trying to break away from "cute" to "cool". Bleah.. It sounds like a mere shouting and screaming to me.

Enough of all the sexy things, let's move on to Hey! Say! JUMP who is popular but yet hardly releases new single or album. They performed a new song titled Come On A My House. Does not sound gramatically sound but oh well, it sounds JUMPish and I like the fact that the song is equally shared with all members.

And so what happened to my favorite AKB48?? Things seem to be going downhill after Acchan's graduation. After "Eien Pressure" which I dislike, their next single "So Long" sounds equally generic and boring -__-" Anyways, I have a history of hating AKB48's ballad songs. Yes, I dislike them enough that I won't embed any of these songs here. With more and more members announcing graduations, it seems that AKB days are numbered. Let's see how their summer hit will be. Usually they will have cheerful and upbeat song for summer although the PV will most likely be a predictable repeat of skin-bikini fest. Haha.. The last news I read is Tomomi Itano announcing her graduation sometime this year. Bleah.. She is one member whom I like.

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