Sunday, April 28, 2013

Team building

My offday yesterday was wasted for company's team building. I thought the games were purposeless and did not help to build team spirit whatsoever. The performance was not really that fun and the preparation was a waste of time. I did not enjoy the preparation when doing something with uncreative bunch of people. The awards presentation was also promoting a spirit of competition rather than teamwork.. And the worst part is, again, I got nothing for the lucky draw. Bleah.. I always got shit luck during whatever lucky draw. There goes my dream Galaxy Tab and mini iPad.

However, I have to say that I am extremely happy and surprised that my branch won 1st prize for the project competition. As the team leader, I am proud. Hehe.. I think it is nice to do something without expecting to win something. Initially, I was doing the project because it was a part of KPI mah. Victory tastes sweeter this way. However, now that I already won, the spirit of kiasuness is with me and I want to win again next year leh!! Haha.. Another surprise was that my team won the 4th place for the lame games. Gosh, I thought we were just anyhow doing it and did not expect to win anything. The prize was only Ferrero Rocher. Nothing much but I am still happy because it is my favourite brand and again, the winning was unexpected. Looks like when you don't expect or don't really want to win something, you will end up getting it. I was drooling over the lucky draw and I got none.

Recently, I don't know what makes me so impulsive to get a tablet. Ironic because last year I deterred my sister from buying iPad. Actually a part of me still holds the same argument: how will a tablet be useful to me? For gaming, I have enough games in my phone and PSP. For internet surfing, my laptop will still be more convenient (although my laptop is getting laggier day by day). For reading comics, I still prefer reading from physical books. And bla bla bla.. it seems that the only reason I have the urge to buy is that because I have nothing else that I want or can buy at the moment. No more toys for me as I don't have any more space and no more Marvel comics as there is nothing else interesting at the moment. My fingers are just so itchy to spend. Bad.. I know.. But I still can tahan.

Anyway, while I am so thankful to God for my prize yesterday, I did not go to church again today. Sigh.. I think it is already a month :( My faith is officially dead. I don't even have the will to consciously set aside time for prayer. Oh God.. what is happening to me :(

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