Thursday, March 21, 2013

Scarlet Witch

I knew it I knew it I KNEW IT!! Grrr.. Kinokuniya is having 20% member sale from today till Sunday T_T I had nothing else to buy but I could not resist not going there to see the books and make myself feel reasonable. My justification when I bought the 3 books few weeks ago is just an excuse. All 3 books are still available (a.k.a nobody is buying) and worse still, just now I saw 3 copies of House of M. I thought I bought the last one. Sigh.. why why why is there no Young Avengers hardcover?? I want it :( Now I gotta wait until Easter and then try to find from Amazon.

Anyway, I might as well use this post to write about what I think about the 3 books that I bought few weeks back. I think now I have a new favourite Marvel character other than Storm. She is Scarlet Witch! Although initially I thought her power was WTF, she is one of the imba character in the Marvel facebook game. I also like her in Avengers vs X-men. These reasons make me more interested in her "No More Mutants" saga and that's why I bought 3 books which are related to it: Avengers Disassembled, House of M, and Avengers: The Children Crusade.

In Avengers Disassembled, Scarlet Witch is losing her sanity for the loss of her children and blames Avengers for it. She causes chaos to the Avengers which results in the death of several members, Tony Stark's "bankrupcy", and Avengers is disassembled At the end of this, Scarlet Witch is rendered unconscious and Magneto appears to take care of his daughter. I am not too happy with the art style but the script is just awesome. I can feel the emotions of the characters from anger to disbelief in what is happening.

House of M seems to be a direct continuation of Avengers Disassembled. At the beginning, we see that desperate Magneto brings Scarlet Witch to Professor X to heal her. It seems that even Professor X is unable to stabilise her and he calls both Avengers and X-men to decide the fate of Scarlet Witch. Thinking that they will kill her, Quicksilver persuaded Scarlet Witch to alter reality in which everyone is granted their deepest desire. In this "reality", it seems only Wolverine and another character, Layla Miller, remembers the real reality. Layla has the ability to "awaken" the true memories and they embark on a journey to recover everyone's memory. Everyone thinks that Magneto is behind all of this. In the end it is revealed that Quicksilver is the culprit. In his anger, Magneto kills Quicksilver and triggered Scarlet Witch's famous "no more mutants".

House of M is surprisingly better than expected. I thought the "alternate reality" thingy will be boring but the story is quite engaging. However, I think the "no more mutants" thingy feels very anticlimatic in the book, a direct contrast with its effects which last until many more years in Marvel universe.

This book introduced me to the Young Avengers who seems to be on a larger role than the Avengers here. Wiccan, a member of Young Avengers, is believed to be reincarnation of Scarlet Witch's son and he decides to find his mother. We discover that Scarlet Witch is amnesiac and in Latveria with Dr Doom. Scarlet Witch seeked help from Doom to open the gate to access the Life Force in her attempt to revive her children. The Life Force took control of Scarlet Witch and is responsible to all the Avengers Disassembled and House of M events. It is ultimately revealed that Doom is the main antagonist and making use of Scarlet Witch. Thank goodness that in the end, Scarlet Witch is a good character!! Haha..

This book is what makes me interested in Young Avengers. My favourite is Wiccan because he has similar power as Scarlet Witch. Fwwt..

Okay, that's it! Haha.. I don't know whether I should buy Secret Invasion, Siege, X-Men Schism, X-Men Messiah CompleX, X-men Second Coming etc. I am a bit reluctant because there are many characters which I am not familiar with. But it is tempting because the reviews for these seem pretty good.. Gossh... 3 more days to think about this. Haha..

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