Thursday, January 24, 2013

Being toy-ed around :(

My Kingdom Hearts Play Arts Soras were successfully sold yesterday!! Yay!! One part of me feels very happy to be able to get rid of them to give more storage space. The other part of me feels very emo and regrets about it. Perhaps I should not have bought it at all. I was actually very excited when I got them in 2011. The excitement disappeared after I discovered that they were bootlegs. I thought the price was cheap because they were 2nd hand items. I was wrong.. Ignorance is a bliss.. If I don't know about them being bootlegs, perhaps I will still be happy to keep them.. However, if I were not ignorant and able to differentiate bootlegs Play Arts, perhaps I would not even be bothered to buy them in the first place :( I bought them for $30 each but they were both sold for a total of $15 only. Yep.. $45 for stupidity..
This is the third item (yep, I consider them as one item) I managed to sold off eBay. Seriously I am a pathetic businessman. Oh well, I am selling these things as I need more space and not to make money anyway.. But I think I am really timid as a seller. Sigh.. Usually seller has the rights to pick up the meeting point and timing but usually I am too accomodating so that I can get rid of the items a.s.a.p. Yesterday was my worst experience so far. The buyer came 45 minutes late from the agreed timing!! Zzz..

Previously I told myself that once I am able to complete all five Final Fantasy VIII Transcendent Artists Collection, I will stop all these toys online shopping craze. Looks like it is difficult to stop the habit after checking eBay daily for the past many months. Sometimes my fingers are still itchy and I will browse Yahoo! Japan auction sites. Of course the end result is me being more and more emo.

I am emo because I have to restrain myself from buying things as I really have no more storage space. What breaks my heart more is when I find cheaper price for the things I already own. I nearly fainted when I saw an auction for all six FF VIII Kotobukiya Scale 1/6 with starting price 7000 yen. 2 days left and nobody bidded on that. Sigh.. I think in the end it could have been half, or even a quarter of what I spent to complete the same set previously.

If only I can turn back time..
If only I have more money..
If only I have my own house and my room so that I am not running out of space..
If only I never like these things..
I will be much happier these days.. :(

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